Yesterday morning was spent researching. Sat outside at an umbrella covered round table and did my thing.

It consistently amazes me how much easier it is to research in the era of the internet. I recall back in college all the books to be searched in the library, notes and quotes on cards, etc. Tedious.

Lisa telephoned around two. Corey’s grandmother had died. A quick shower and I was at their home. Corey was home. I hugged him and told him I loved him. What else can be said at such a time.

Corey’s grandmother lived in Stuttburg, Germany. That is where she died. Ninety three. God bless her!

Corey took a two week trip to Europe a year ago. One week was spent in Stuttburg with his grandmother and family. Corey’s son Cameron was 15 at the time. His grandmother last saw him when he was 2. Corey took Cameron with him. It was good he did.

I stayed with Corey and the family till early evening. I call it sitting. An Italian shiva. Except no one brought baked goods.My tradition is we visit the family of the person who died and sit with them. Talk, sometimes serious, sometimes humorous. Say nothing. Do nothing. Mere presence provides comfort to the bereaved.

Lisa decided we would have dessert. Maybe to put a sparkle in things. Lisa does not put out the usual desserts. She is totally into good health for herself and her family. An apple, a piece of orange, a cut up banana. Last night she authorized me to buy some kind of baked good for dessert.

Robert came with me.

We ended up in the bakery section of Publix.

My intention was to purchase some baked goods located in the counter. Robert and I checked them out. Did not turn us on. We bothered the poor woman working there three times with questions. She helped me make it a big deal for Robert.

Then we circled the baked goods displayed on the aisle. It came down to Boston creme pie or a pumpkin pie. The Boston creme pie won out!

Robert and Ally had never eaten anything as bad or as good as Boston creme pie. They went crazy over it! Exclaiming, how good! The chocolate on top, the cake, and the vanilla pudding in the middle!

Lisa says I teach her children bad things. No. I am merely expanding their life experiences.

A grandfather thing.

I am a failed alumnus. Syracuse and Manhattan played Monday night. I graduated from both schools. I did not even know the game was on!

Last night Syracuse played Albany. Only on the internet for viewing. I could not get the game to come up on ESPN 3.

Syracuse won both games by the way.

Golf this morning. I am going to skip again this week. I have some things to do. There was a time nothing was more important than golf. What terrible thing is happening to me?

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Keep on expanding the horizons of those grandkids!! Food and conversation are two great methods. My grandma taught me so many things and opened my eyes to oddities such as pickled herring, cheese curds, rhubarb pie, chickle and buttermilk! I didn't like it all but at least I now know about it. Keep it up, Lou!! 🙂

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