Yesterday was a good day! My movings about brought me in contact with all good people!

I started in the morning with Tammy. A manicure. You cannot appreciate the old time immigrant drive till you meet her.

Then to Lori. Haircut time. Long overdue. She told me I had more hair than she could remember. It was the colonoscopy and dentist that contributed to the situation. I am bald once again and happy about it.
Stopped to see Lisa. Grandkids a thrill. Ally was all excited. She was at the Pier House yesterday for lunch and the boat races. She and her girl friend made the green/yellow one their favorite. Robert all excited because he has been invited to ride on a float for the Xmas parade.

As a result of the dental work, I cannot chew. The blender is my best friend once again. The problem, I had no blender food. So it was off to Publix on the way home

Jenna and I dated lat night. Love her.

We started at the Chart Room. Sheila joined us. JJ bartendoing. A great time was had!

Then to Hot Tin Roof for dinner. I cannot chew. Too much pain. I had soup. Jenna ordered normally. I did change my drink, however. To a cosmopolitan. All because of Molly Ringwald. A story for another day.

John will soon be leaving the Hot Tin Roof. He has been an excellent manager.

In mid December, he is opening a sports bar at the old PT’s. Has to be a winner. John owned three before he came to Key West from Minnesota.

I dropped Jenna offf after dinner. Decided to stop at Don’s Place for a nighgt cap. Friend Kurt bartending.

I watched portions of Oregon/Stanford’s first half.

Boomer and Russ left for Herschel and Erica’s home. They were having a fight party. Some championship battle. I optd not to go.

It was time for home and bed.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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