The weather is changing. Ever so slowly. It does not change like up north. Where the trees turn and then one morning you awake and there is snow!

Key West does not have snow.

But the nights are now cool. Around 70 degrees. Cool here! We are accustomed to 80 degree weather by day and night. Blankets are required in the evenings now.

No humidity by day. Still 80 degrees. But you can feel the coolness drifting in from the ocean.

Pretty soon, perhaps in another 3-4 weeks, it will be long pants time.

I am still recovering from thursday’s dental work. Jaw swollen and sore yesterday. Prevented me from going out.

I see from Facebook that Cheryl and Roger enjoyed a good Key West evening. The Veterans’ Parade at 4. Then the Chart Room. Followed by Hogsfish.

I probably would have run into them at the Chart Room and ended up having dinner with them. They are snowbirds. Just returned from Kankakee, Illinois.

My game plan was to do the Veterans’ Parade with the grandkids. Key West has great parades. I enjoy watching them with Robert and Ally. They get all excited!

I spent the evening home in bed watching Syracuse get beat. Lost to South Florida 37-17. Syracuse is now 6-6. Too bad. The road to a better team and record is a long and arduous one.

These times alone at home are somethines a blessing. Peace and quiet does not exist enough for us. I spent most of my day being Amazon Kindle familiar. The New York Times and Chris Matthew’s book on Kennedy.

Jenna and I are supposed to go out this evening. Even if I cannot eat, I will go. I enjoy Jenna and am stir crazy. I need to get out!

Enjoy your day

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  1. Make sure to check out the Stanford/Oregon game tonight, should be a good one! Missed your show yesterday, although this week's stories will have legs until next Friday. Cheers!

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