A dentist visit yesterday. Still working on the implants. I thought it was going to be easy. A walk in the park.

Was I fooled!

Work started on placing the permanent implants. Two hours. Blood. Cut to the jaw bone. More cadaver bone required. Pain like before when the process began. No pain pills for three hours. Take my head!

Still screwed up this morning. It might have been better had I gone toothless.

Internet show this morning. 10 am. Key West Lou Legal hour. No way can I do it. There will be a rerun of a previous show. Just voice. no picture. You will see an open mike and me pontificating. Make believe it is that old form of entertainment called radio.

Think of it. Radio was the first of the communication/entertainment vehicles. And it is still with us!

I am disappointed I will not be doing the show. What with Penn State and Cain, it was going to be a humdinger! Especially the Penn State/Paterno portion. I still think Paternio is getting a bum rap. Perhaps next week I will be able to explain in detail why.

Both with Penn State and Cain, the whole stories are not yet out. Cain’s can get only worse. As to Penn State, the whole story will out. Inevitable. It will probably run to Board members, political figures and who knows who else. Then a proper judgment can be made.

Keep in mind that a District Attorney did investigate and determined there was no ground for indictment(s).

Penn State is going to come down to who knew what and when. Typical.

Enjoy your day! Mine so far is extremely uncomfortable.

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  1. Louis–Paterno is not getting a bum rap. He DID NOT report this incident to the police (as he is required to do) once it was reported to him. You're waiting for the whole story to come out? Well, check this out.


    It's the grand jury report and this is pretty close to the whole story as it is now known. You will see that Paterno knew about this and he, along with higher-ups at Penn State who didn't want any damage done to their precious fucking football program, covered the whole thing up. They got Sandusky to resign in return for covering it up. They also forbade him from bringing any more little boys onto the campus. ("Just do it somewhere else, Jerry.")

  2. Thanks, Mike; the link works just fine. It is horrifying stuff. Lou, there is simply no defense for Paterno if he knew about any of what is described in the grand jury report.

  3. Interestingly, the original District Attorney who investigated the early allegations and tried to prosecute went missing and was presumed dead in 2005. His car was found abandoned, his laptop minus hard drive located in the Susquehanna River.


    Hope the teeth heal fast Lou, I'm sure you would have a field day with Perry's "Oops" moment. What scares me is what happens if a President Perry (OMG) had an "OOPS" moment with the "Football."

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