Tragedy visited Key West yesterday.
Two men died on the opening day of the powerboat races.
Missouri’s Jeffery Tillman and Robert Morgan were driver and throttle man of the Big Thunder entry in the super-boat unlimited class. They had completed the first turn and were in Key West Harbor in front of Mallory Square. The boat caught air. The boat lost contact with the water. Tillman and Morgan lost control of the boat. The boat flipped vertically upwards. Then came down topside first.

Tillman and Morgan were killed.
The viewing crowds’ reaction was simple and swift. Cheers as the boat made the turn and was before them. A loud gasp as the boat shot vertically upward. Then dead silence.
The picture of the Big Thunder in it’s vertical position was not taken by me. It appeared in the Key West Citizen’s internet report of the accident last night.
I watched the Republican debate from Michigan. My concluding thought…..Can’t we do better?
Perry is turning out to be a real joke. His lapse of memory will forever be remembered as the oops recollection.
My eyes are blessed each morning. I see the rising sun basking on the MTV house across the water.
It dawned on me today I am abusing my body. Tuesday’s colononoscopy and endoscopy were voluntary tests. Today at 8 am I am scheduled to spend two hours in the dentist chair having two metal implant posts put in. I could have avoided the scope tests, though foolish it may have been. My new teeth did not have to be as good as they will be.
Everything is choices.
My thoughts regarding certain current events.
1. Herman Cain. Where there is smoke, there is fire.
2. Joe Paterno. A scapegoat. A fall guy.
3. The Penn State investigation firings. A rush to judgment. Penn State is at the opposite end of the spectrum from the Catholic Church. One is moving too swiftly and the other is still at the starting line.
Enjoy your day. One never knows what life has in store. As clearly reflected by yesterday’s events.

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  1. Not sure how much you know about Paterno's NON-action in this case.

    But no matter, my feeling was that if Joe was a class act, in touch with what's going on here, he would have scheduled a press conference this morning first thing and told those Penn State students to calm down and not riot.

    What happened this morning from Joe's house?…………………….crickets chirping.

    All the information I need to know about why he was fired.

  2. I don't know if you've actually looked at who is POTUS right now, and compared the qualifications of the current POYUS and the Republican candidates.

    I'd say EVERYONE of the Republican candidates is better suited to be POTUS than the current buffoon.

    He's been the least qualified POTUS in history.

  3. Louis–Paterno knew what happened. You MUST understand this. The eyewitness to the event told him so.

    A graduate-assistant coach named McQueary came to Paterno's home the day after he witnessed this lowlife coach ass-fucking a little boy in the lockerroom shower. Instead of calling the police, Paterno waited for awhile, then told the athletic director, who also didn't call the police. By the time the whole event had gotten around the Penn State athletic department, it had been reduced to "just horsing around".

    The lowlife coach was told not to bring any more little boys onto the campus, something he was quite in the habit of doing over the years. In other words, "We know what you're doing, coach. Just don't do it on our pristine, universally-adored campus. But don't worry, we won't let on that you're doing it."

    At no time in this whole matter did anyone, including Paterno, show any concern for the well-being of these little boys.

    Paterno asked the coach to resign in return for a coverup, which is exactly what happened until last week.

    Paterno is scum, worried only about his precious football program instead of these innocent little boys who were repeatedly raped and sodomized by one of his trusted associates.

  4. Hmmmm, agreed that Obama didn't finish his term as US Senator and held only 1 term as an elected Illinois representative. But, then look at Bush #2, he finished 1 term as a Governor when he started office. The economy's downward trajectory based on non-regulation of housing mortgages,loss of the federal surplus and heavy deficit spending started with him, not Obama who inherited the descending mess and some will argue made it worse.

    If a Republican does win in 2012, perhaps they will be lucky and the natural market cycles of the economy will begin to pull us our of depression (assuming no further federal intervention in the markets such as TARPs 1, 2 and 3). If not, I predict a reduxe to the Replications in 2016 and a massive swing left again if their grand plans to re-deregulate everything again only makes matters worse and blows up another massive economic bubble to pop and knock the markets further.

    In case one hasn't noticed, neither party actually believes in "free markets".

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