I work from the kitchen counter. I have two desks upstairs, but find it more comfortable to work down here.

To my back are two large glass sliding doors. Forty feet beyond, the ocean.

Frequently a noise can be heard from the water. A splash. Unquestionably always a large fish.

As I was assembling my thoughts to begin writing this morning, I heard that noise. A large thump accompanied the splash. I rushed out onto the deck. There it was. A large dolphin. Leaping 4-5 feet in the air. The expanse of the jump about 10 feet. The dolphin leaped several times before my eyes.

A sight to behold!

With the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky, it was a God is in His heaven, all’s right with the world moment!

I am ok. Did the colonoscopy and endoscopy thing yesterday morning. Glad it is behind me. Behind? I was not trying to joke. The term is appropriate, however.

The drug to knock a person out stayed with me all day. I slept off and on. Watched a little TV. Ate. It had been 36 hours since I last had food.

Big weekend in Key West! The power boat races start today. The 31st Annual Key West World Championships. Start at 10 am this morning. Run through Sunday. The boats race every other day.

The boats are magnificient creatures to behold. Creatures is a proper term. They are long and sleek. Overpowering not only on water, but on land also. If you have the opportunity to stand beside one out of the water, you will understand.

The event brings tons of people to town. It will be a good weekend for Key West from a financial perspective. The owners and crews of these boats are well heeled. They bring their wives and girl friends. They know how to party.

No golf this morning. My medical instructions are to avoid all exercise for 7 days. Not that I have been doing that much of late. I will play bocce tomorrow night, however. I do not consider bocce exercise.

I am definitely going out tonight! I have a need to socialize and eat a good meal.

People are nice. All the emails! Concerned for my health, best wishes, etc. Thank you.

Interestingly, when I was a big shot lawyer and some what of an important person, I never received any where the notes of concern as I did yesterday.

I do pics now with the blog. Did two days and then nothing. No more photos because I have been confined to home preparing for yesterday and then doing yesterday. I promise you tomorrow will have pics. The only photos available for showing today would be the ones the doctor took of my esophogus and colon. Neither would interest you.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Oh, come on, a picture of your colon would be funny.

    And, spread the awareness of the need for colonoscopies to prevent this form of cancer that is nearly trivial when found early.

    My Grandmother died from it and it nearly killed my Mom in her fifties. So, I'm a little nuts about the topic.

    Yeah, it's disgusting, but even without anesthetic, it really no worse than a bad case of constipation. Other than the indignity and embarrassment. But no one ever dies of "terminal shame".

    Maybe this is the Creator's Way of keeping us humble and appreciative of our fellow humans who would do this as their life's work. A life saving work.

  2. Lovely description of the Dolphin Lou! What a marvel to have in your "backyard." My marvels are all white tailed deer in rutting and hunting season.

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