I survived yesterday afternoon and evening. One step left in the preparation procedure and I will be on my way to the hospital. The worst is behind me.

I went out in the morning. Decided to get a manicure. A female doctor is doing my procedure. I want to look my best.

Tammy was terrific, as usual. Business was slow. She turned the usual half hour treatment into a full hour. I appreciated it. Dozed off at one point.

I spent my day reading and writing. The reading being done in the bathroom. The writing in the kitchen.

I am into a new and second book about Cheney. I hate to refer to him as a creep, but he was. Dangerous. Knew how to get what he wanted. Knew how to place his people at all levels of government. He was our shadow President.

The writing involved friday’s internet show. It is 95 per cent complete. Another interesting and thought provoking show.

Today is November 7. Also, election day. Thirty three years on ago on another Novemeber 7, also election day, my life took a dramatic change. Altered forever. Someday the event will be shared. In one of the books I am writing.

Lisa is taking me to the hospital and sitting with me. I remember when I used to take her to the hospital. The tides turn.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Must be that new 24 hour time difference between New York and Florida has kicked in.. Its election day in New York also, but, its Nov 8 up here..
    I guess all things even out, I happen to like Dick Cheney.. Patrick

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