There is no joy in Tuscaloosa, mighty Alabama has struck out!

Sorry to use a baseball metaphor, but it applies!

To my friend Jean Thornton, my condolences. Jean bleeds Crimson as I Orange.

One observation. Nick Saban is and has always been a big time coach. He recruits well. Why didn’t he recruit a better kicker? Concededly these were pro ball field goal attempts. Nevertheless, he who wishes to be the best of the best should have the best.

I spent yesterday engrossed in football.

My afternoon with Syracuse. We lost. 28-21 to Connecticut. We are building. Some day hopefully a return to national prominence.

I know both of the coaches in the Syracuse/Connecticut game.

Paul Pasqualoni coached at Syracuse for 14 year some time ago. Now he is at Connecticut. During his coaching days, I was an active alumnus at the University. I got to know him fairly well. Doug Marrone was an assistant coach at Syracuse back when. He is now head coach. I met him on several occasions and was on a hello first name basis. I did not know him as well as Pasqualoni.

Pasqualoni was a good guy. You would want your daughter to marry a some one like him. Clean cut in appearance. Clean cut in attitude. Syracuse was victorious under his coaching. But never seemed to make it to a position of national prominence. He always came up short 1 or 2 victories.

I wish Paul well at Connecticut.

A new day and a new time! My whole life I have been screwed up by the time change. It is a mental thing. It is a bit easier these days. The cell phones, computers and TVs all self correct themselves. My problem remains, however. My head and body.

Jimmy Buffet was in Key West friday for the Parrot Head gathering. No one mentioned it at the Chart Room when his name came up. I was not on Duval during the day.

Buffet flew in and flew out, with generous time afforded in between. He flew from Long Island. Brought his 15 piece musical group with him. Sang for 1 1/2 hours on Duval in front of La Concha. A free concert. Mingled a bit. Then back to Long Island.

I am glad he came. The Parrot Heads were born out of his fame. Besides partying, they do much good charity wise. Buffet cannot make these yearly convention meetings in Key West every year. This was one to show up at, however. The Parrot Heads twentieth anniversary!

In between football games, I drug and grocery shopped. Tuesday I am having a colonoscopy and endoscopy. Needed to buy the goodies to prepare for the colonoscopy. Ugh!

Another beautiful Key West day in the making. Sun bright. A bit of a breeze. Not a cloud in the sky. Powder blue.

Enjoy your sunday!

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