Today is friday. Which means…..The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am. Viewed world wide. Join my friends from Papua, New Guinea, Seoul, Korea, Beijing, China, Jakarta, Indonesia, much of Europe and Africa, and many areas of the United States in watching.
Topics are always interesting. We live in a crazy up side down world.
This morning’s topics include a story about the most harassed and discriminated peoples in the world who are now practicing their own discrimination. The Hasidic Jews in New York City who require women to sit in the back of the bus. Shades of the south fifty years ago.
Then there is a peek at wife sharing in India, a most interesting look at lobbying from the inside, Bloomberg and the Occupy Wall Streeters, a Wall Street occupier who defecated on the American flag, Bank of America caving in on its $5 a month debit card fee, M. F. Global filing bankruptcy, the new Barbie tattooed doll, this year’s flu vaccine only 60 per cent fool proof, the Zimmbabe man who paid $25 for a prostitute and ending up doing a donkey, and more.
I spent yesterday fine tuning today’s internet show.
Last night, bocce. We won 3 out of 3. Killed the opposition. Nothing to be proud of however. They only had 3 players to our 4. So they had two less balls per frame. Had to lose under the circumstances.

Frankie is our star of stars! Known as Frankie the Plumber. He is a plumber. And an excellent bocce player to boot. We are thrilled to have him on the team.
A couple of his pictures are part of this blog. One is of Frankie warming up. He was practising his blaster shot. He ends up on his belly each time he tries the shot. The other is of Frankie in one of the matches.

I am getting sexy with the blog. I have learned how to attach pics. Will try to share with you visually as well as in writing from this day forward.

Playing on the opposing team last night was Diane. I always liked Diane. A bubbly personality. Friendly.
Diane is going to start law school. In January. At Iowa State.
Her background is especially interesting.
Diane is 45 years old. Scored in the top  three per centile of the law boards. Had a 3.8 GPA way back in her college days. She is a Cherokee. And female.
I told her she could have gone to Harvard with those credentials.
Iowa State is giving her a free ride. Room, board and tuition.
Good for you, Diane! Study hard and make your dreams come true.
Enjoy your day my friends!

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