Sometimes we make mistakes! Big time!

I did yesterday. I am so embarassed.

Angie is my friend from Jakarta, Inodonesia. She reads my blog daily. Religiously listens to my intenrnet show with her friends. I refer to them as my groupies.

Angie obviously speaks English. I do not speak her language. She writes big time on Facebook. Generally in English.

Not yesterday morning. It was in her native Indonesian language.

Several people were emailing back and forth in her native language also.

I figured some big deal fun thing was being discussed.

I was wrong.

I initially wrote, “Whatever…..I hope it was good.”

Angie responded to me in English. She said, “My best friend’s mother just passed away Lou…..and my friends are saying their condolences”.

I felt like an ass. Still do.

I wrote and offered my aplogies to Angie. Never again shall I comment unless I know full well the meaning of that which was written.

I saw another doctoor today. I am in need of a colonoscopy. It was the pre-colonoscopy physical. We are going to do a double header. Tuesday at 8. A colonoscopy and endoscopy.

I worked the early evening with Sloan for a while. We are making progress. Creeping towards a book!

Afterwards, I headed to Don’s Place. Chatted with my friend Kurt for a while. Everyone there. Angus, Jeff, Rob, etc. Spent some time with Don. We ended up talking to a woman new to me but not to Don. One of his loyal customers. Lisa. She works at the outdoor restaurant on Duval accross from Hard Top Cafe.

Joanie was there. Withr Jimmy. Love Joanie! We talked.

Bocce tonight. I will definitely be playing. Unless, I am benched for recent poor playing.

Enjoy your day!

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