Jean Thornton, the Key West golden girl, an admonition. Buy a new furnace!

Jean lives up north, also. Presently there. Cold and colder. Furnace broke down again.

Even better, sell your northern home. You and Joe move down here to Key West full time.

The weather continues to be a steady 80 degrees. Overcast. A few drops of rain each day. Humidity back. I thought it was gone. Yesterday was sticky.

I started yesterday with the dentist. Thought I was near the end of the road with implant replacements. I have been at it since January. Not yet. Shocking. I was told at least another four months.

Vanity has its price and is expensive in more ways than one!

Today I see a new doctor. Time for a colonoscopy. Colonoscopy every five years. The visit today only a pre-colonoscopy physical.

I hate all this doctoring. It seems that is all I do in my old age. If I were having sex as much as I doctor, I would at least die happy! With a guaranteed smile on my face!

All I did last night was the Chart Room. Me and four ladies. Sheila, Myra, Bobbi and Mary. I knew them all previously, except for Bobbi.

Sheila drives a trolley car, Myra sells tickets from a street booth for all kinds of Key West events, Bobbi is front desk manager at the Southernmost white guest house, and Mary bartends the Chart Room one evening a week.

A nice bunch of ladies. Savvy.

We talked of many things. I shared with them my thoughts on post divorce dating by a male senior citizen. Based on my experience. They looked at me shocked when I finished. No one seems to believe what I say. Basically, it sucks!

I had a very good time with the girls and hope we get to do it again.

Then to Don’s Place for a night cap. Herschel and Erica at the bar. Erica’s birthday. Gave her a birthday hug and kiss.

How old, I asked. She said 28. Hell I said, you do not look a day over 22!

Erica and Herschel are heading up to Tampa this morning. Someone tried to rob Erica’s Mother. In her home. Mother got beat up pretty badly. In the hospital with some broken bones. They expect her to remain hospitalized for two weeks.


No golf this morning because of the doctor visit. Things are really bad when I let doctoring interfere with golf. The problem is it is hard to schedule a colonoscopy in Key West. Only one or two doctors and too many people requiring the procedure.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Louis,

    One solution to the senior age dating problem is to broaden your filter. In other words, is the age that you are looking for, too young?

    I had a divorced friend of near-60 who had the same complaint. After having several discussions with him I uncovered that the age group he had only eyes for was 30-45. That leaves a lot of potential dates standing on the sidelines.

  2. *** begin quote ***
    Erica and Herschel are heading up to Tampa this morning. Someone tried to rob Erica's Mother. In her home. Mother got beat up pretty badly. In the hospital with some broken bones. They expect her to remain hospitalized for two weeks.
    *** end quote ***

    Erica's mother is a very lucky woman.

    # – # – #

    South Carolina sheriff encourages women to obtain concealed weapons permits, carry guns
    By Associated Press, Published: November 1

    SPARTANBURG, S.C. — A South Carolina sheriff is urging women to get concealed weapons permits and carry guns to protect themselves.

    # – # – #

    “Victim disarmament is the view that it is somehow better to see a woman raped in an alley and strangled with her own pantyhose, than see her with a gun in her hand.” — T.D. Melrose

    # – # – #

    "So if a Bravo Golf was to try and rape your sister, you'd kill to stop him; right?" "Yes, Miss Marie." "If someone was going to kill any of your Classmates, what then?" "I'd do what needs doing." "Yes, we women do. Did you know John's paternal grandmother traveled the Oregon Trail, bore 13 children, and fought Indians and Outlaws? She's in her 90's now. I've read her letters. Women can kill when it's needed. We may not be as physically strong as men, but who seems to get to change all the diapers?" — character "Marie" answering a question in CHURCH 10●19●62 Volume 1 Page 262

    # – # – #

    Now, I'm not sure that a 45 is a good choice for old women. Although my Great Aunt slept with one under her pillow for most of her adult life. In her old age, she rubberbanded the grip safety because her arthritis made it hard to squeeze the grip, but not to pull the trigger. On the range with it, she was all over the target. But who in their right mind would want to be down range from a scared crazy lady with a "firehose spewing lead". The Range Officer's instruction to her was "Now, Dear, you just keep pulling the trigger until it locks open. The bad guy might have to reload it or beat you to death with it, but ammo is cheap compared to your life. Personally, I doubt you'll have any trouble." And, I heard him say it and I agree with him. Only a nut would mess with her. It was funny to see her do a Cooper stance resting on her cane. Would certainly scare the out of me.

    While I defer to the Sheriff's sound advice, I'd recommend a 380 aka pocket rocket as easier to handle and just as scary.

    Of course, if one is going for scary, nothing is as distinctive as the ratchet sound of loading a shotgun. Assuming the elder lady has the arm strength, that's even more "impressive". No aim needed and it usually stops at walls to prevent accidents.

    # – # – #

    "An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life." — Robert A. Heinlein

    Very polite and very very safe.


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