It is amazing what I am able to share with this blog.

This morning, Dante.

Dante had two impacts in my life. One minimal. The other major.

Dante was the famous writer of the 1300s. His major work was Dante’s Inferno. The story of Hell, Purgatory and Heaven. Rodin was a sculptor who came later. One of his major works, of many significant works, was Dante’s Inferno.

Yesterday, I was communicating with a Chinese friend. Zhaoyao. The conversation involved bath tubs/jacuzzis. I described my Key West bathroom to her. It is quite unique. She mentioned…..something like Dante’s Beatrice.

Her comment put me on a search. Who was Beatrice? Turns out Dante had a girl friend. Beatrice. She became a character in many of his written works. In one, Beatrice is bathing.

Dante of the 1300s’ Beatrice was further memorialized in the 1600s by the painter Rossetti. Rossetti had a girl friend also. Lizzie. Rossetti painted Lizzie as Dante’s Beatrice. A painting of Beatrice lying/floating in a tub of water.

That is how I got back to Dante. My modern day jacuzzi precipitated a response involving Dante’s Beatrice.

Which brings me to how Dante had some impact with my life.

I went to college in the mid 1950s. Studied Spanish for three years. My teacher was Professor Cantatore. Italian, from the old country. Accent and all. Short. Salt and pepper hair standing upright. Uncommon in those days.

Professor Cantatore often shouted out to us, as was his way, to read one page of Dante’s Inferno each day! Had nothing to do with Spanish. Again, just his way.

I never took his advice.

Scroll ahead some thirty odd years. I am now an attorney. My practice took me to New York City often. By this time, I was also a failed former painter and now a collector of fine art.

Whenever I was in New York City, I made time to visit some museum for a while. One of my favorites was the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I was a frequent visitor.

The sculptor Rodin had always turned me on. One of his greatest known works is The Thinker. That huge unclothe man sitting with his chin on his hand.

I read that Rodin’s Dante’s Inferno was on loan to the Met from I believe the Louvre in Paris. I had to see it.

It was a special showing. Required much space for viewing. Huge crowds were anticipated.

The work was displayed in the extremely large garden entrance to the American exhibit. The American exhibit was new at the time.

The sculpture blew me out! Overwhelmed me! Instantaneously took my breath away!

I had never seen any thing like it.

It was huge. Rodin did .many works on a large scale. The Inferno required it. It was a large rectangular piece. Tiny figures of people were sculpted into the body of the work. Each had a face. Those involving Hell especially impacted me. The pain was excruciating! I could feel it in every sense of my body.

I sat on a bench for hours just looking at it. Some times I would walk up and inspect a small portion. Then return to sit again.

I hope I have not bored you.

Yesterday, an ok day. Heart doctor in the morning. Blood pressure 110/60. That is where we are leaving it. Now attacking g the fluid problem. Change of some pills. We shall see.

Visited with Lisa. Then spent the afternoon at home writing.

Yesterday was Halloween. I was to do trick or treating with the grandkids.

They were ready to go after dinner! Robert especially excited. I would descibe it as hyped!

Robert a ghoul. Ally a witch.

They attacked the streets. Off and on porches. Did well. Each had a heavy bag of goodies afterwards.

 Lisa, Corey and I stood in the shadows as they knocked on each door.

Dentist this morning. I am anxious to bring the implant thing to a conclusion. I started January 7.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou–this is Stephanie's mom. I also recently finished an implant–but only one. I love it–really one of my best decisions–despite the price. Hope all your work is reloved smoothly also.

  2. Lou just for the record young ladies 30-45 have no interest in old men . I hate to burst your bubble those days are over with. Unless they want you for all your money and you want to spend all your money but no young chick wants an older man.,,Keep looking you never know..

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