Weather did change. Front moved out yesterday. The day was sunny and … Yes, cool. A cold front followed the rain. The temperature was 75 by day and night. Comfortable. A tee shirt by day. A sweatshirt by night.

Today is Friday and Friday is The key West Lou Legal Hour!

Join me at 10 am my time at for my one hour internet show. Available world wide.

Great topics today! Like Gadhafi, Obama job bill, banks on the path of screwing American public once again, poor dollar compensation for the war dead, the Chinese and divorce, Occupy Wall Street and China, painting nude bodies on Times Square, Van Gogh, Supreme Court to decide if lying is constitutionally protected, and more.

A Whoopie! show!

Yesterday, I worked on today’s show. Also, babysat Ally. She was home sick. A temperature.

Ally was on the computer when I was with her. This six year old is swifter and more adept at the keyboard than I. Amazing, the children of today!

Bocce last night. We got our asses whipped! Lost all three games!

We played the Bubbas. They are good every year. The best. A fact, not an excuse.

Going into last night’s match, the Bubbas were ranked #2 and we were ranked #3.

The match was not even close! They are sooooo good!

After bocce, it was Don’s place and then home.

Today, I have the internet show and my businessmen’s luncheon afterwards. Tonight, Goombay! The start of Fantasy Fest! I am doing Goombay with a bunch from Don’s Place.

Enjoy your day!

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