The front is moving out. Beware my friends to the north. You are in for a hell of a rain storm!

I can actually see sun this morning. It is shining on everything and eveywhere. Just a smathering of clouds.

I feel like Noah’s Ark has just landed and me and the animals are dancing around outside.

It is cooler. I mentioned yesterday that the forecast was for a ten degree drop. It is obvious. Sunny and cool. A good combination. I will take it.

Monday’s Miami Herald reported this front from a differnet perspective. It wrote…..Autumn and winter want to come in and summer doesn’t want to give up.

I decided to throw caution to the wind and go out yesterday. It was still raining. However, I had had enough. I kept my haircurt appointment with Lori. She told me the day before had been a bad business day. Only five customers.

The drive into Key West was not bad. The boulevard was more flooded than usual. I visited Lisa after seeing Lori. Grandkids home. Schools closed because of the weather.

Many streets were closed off. Lisa’s was. Big sign and barricade warning motorists to stay out. I drove around the barricade. There was no water in the street at the time. Lisa told me earlier it had been flooded.

What I did sense was an odor. Ugh! Terrible! Not sewage waste. Key West has separate drainage systems for waste and rainwater. It was the smell of rotten fish.

When I left Lisa, I had to zig zag. Take a different route every couple of blocks. Many streets were cloesed off. I ended up on a street in new town that was flooded. Big time for 2 blocks. It did not appear bad at first. I decided to plough through. It was deeper than I thought. I was concerned for a few moments that my tiny Volswagen would not make it.

My internet show tomorrow morning. Ten my time. The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

A lot of goodies to talk about. The world gets crazier each week. One item involves two major U.S. banks that are moving their European investments into a different bank account/special fund. One where the United States guarantees their investments one hundred cents on the dollar. Trillions are involved. These banks will get bailed out by the taxpayers once again in the event Europe defaults.

Washington covering the banks’ asses again. The screw job goes on. I wish someone had covered my bad investments over my life time one hundred cents on the dollar!

Lisa telephoned. Ally sick. No school for her today. I have to babysit this afternoon for a while.

Bocce tonight.

I questioned yesterday whether we would be able to play after all the rain. Don thought we would. The new clay courts would suck up the water quickly. The cold this morning will also accelerate the drying process.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Once again, your lack of understanding of what went on with the banks is brought to light. The banks were forced, through regulation foisted upon them by the government – to make crappy loans. In order to sell these loans, investment companies packaged them together WITH A 100% GOVERNMENT GUAURANTY.

    When these home loans took a crap, because they never should have been made in the first place, the government has to pony up and buy them.

    NOW those of you on the left, that thought forcing banks to make home loans to people that never should have had a loan, see what happens, you blame private companies.

    In fact the problem arose with all of the regulations telling banks that they HAD to make these loans.

    Keeo the government OUT of it, and things would have been better. MUCH better.

  2. Talking about homes it made me think of your once beautiful home in Utica NY that went into foreclosure how sad is this…A home that you loved and were so proud of .. Amazing how people change their feelings for the loved ones.

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