The headline in this morning’s paper: Keys Seperate from Mainland.

The first two sentences of the article read: Water carries keys away from mainland. The islands are gradually being swept out to sea by five days of frontal rain.

Not for real. Made up. By me. But could be.

I do not recall such consistent and heavy rain. Even in hurricane season. This is wild!

Things were better during the day yesterday. The gray was lighter. No rain all day. Not until around 4 in the afternoon. Then it came! And it has been coming ever since. Thunder, lightening and torrents of rain. Bing, bang, boom! Plus, a big wind.

The wind had to be huge. I looked outside on my deck this morning. Many of my deck chairs are flipped over. Two in the pool. All heavy chairs.

My reporter friend Sean Kinney wrote for the Keynoter this morning on Google regarding the weather. His email was posted at 6:05. I share some of his comments with you regarding Key West and the storm.

Sean reports there was a tornado warning for all the keys at 3:45 yesterday afternoon. Lasted till 10 in the evening. I never knew.

He further reported that tornado or not, there would be strong winds. Explains my deck chairs.

Strong winds today, also.

Sean indicated that the waves off shore would be 7-9 feet. No boating today.

Front and United Streets are flooded. They are always flooded.

Front is downtown off Duval. Next to the Pier House. Not reported, but 2-3 feet would not surprise me. I have crossed barfefoot when the water was up to my knees.

United runs immediately parallel to Lisa’s street. Robert and Ally’s school is located on United. There are permanent signs with lights on them which blink when the street is flooded warning people. I am sure the lights are blinking this morning. Lisa told me Montessori telephoned just after 6 this morning.  No school for Robert and Ally.

Sean also reported that businesses in the low lying areas were sandbagging their properties. An indication of anticipated problems.

The rain is supposed to end this evening. Moving north, folks! Enjoy it!

A cold spell will settle on Key West after the front leaves. The cold spell will last through the weekend. 80 by day and 70 by night. To you northerners, that may not sound cold. But to us it will be. A ten degree drop from what we have been accustomed to before the rain. I know you find it hard to believe, but we who live here will be chilled.

I was supposed to do dinner last night with Tim and Debra. They cancelled out. I stayed home. I was concerned about the roads.

Haircut with Lori this morning. I am going to cancel.

This evening i have a business meeting at 7 here in my home. No, not an Occupy Key West one. Questionable whether it will be held.

My time yestrday was not wasted. I spent most of it continuing my China research. Are you aware China has a high divorce rate? Yes. Big. The reason: infidelity. Especially on the part of the men. Today’s Chinese women will not tolerate it. There is a growing middle class and with it this mental fixation.

Those of you who write me directly at one of my email addresses have complained  the past three days that Yahoo was reporting my address did not exist. The same address I have had for 20 plus years.

I finally was able to straighten the problem out. The address is good again. Should never have not been. Any how, feel free to write me at if you like.

Enjoy your day!

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