I was correct regarding yesterday’s weather. It was a questionable day. Gray all day. Overcast.

Rained during the night. Raining now. Still overcast. Two days in a row! A Key West record of sorts. The only time I can recall consecutive overcast days is during a hurricane. The days are all black, not gray. Stay that way for two or more days. Day and night are the same.

Strong wind this morning. White caps in the water. The wind is blowing in hard from the north.

Great internet show yesterday. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. It is easy for the show to be good. The world is full of crazy happpenings. I just report and discuss them.

Post show comments indicate advertising for dogs garnering the most interest.

Nestle is the world’s largest food company. Nestle makes Purina. Dog food. Nestle has prepared a TV commercial directed specifically at dogs. It is presently being tested in Australia.

The commericial contains high pitched tones. Those that a dog can hear, but not a human. The concept is the dog will be attracted to the commercial and bark. The master will become aware of what the dog wants and Purina will fly off the shelves.

We have come a long way!

Viewers are also starting to comment on the China segments.

Four weeks ago, I started doing one or two things about China. My thought was China is a world power and we should know more about them. I am realizing that China is not what we believe or suspect. The country consists of a dynamic, modern and rapidly forward moving society.

It turns out that China’s communism may be the ultimate form of capitalism. The government wants its people to have everything. To share in wealth and the amenities it brings. The people work hard. Everyone eats. China has a booming middle class and it continues to grow.

The comments have picked up. More interestingly, viewers also. I now have four Chinese viewers that I am aware of. All women. All from Bejing.

After the show, I did a quick visit with Lisa.

Then to my friday men’s luncheon at Salute’s. At one point we were treated to a lengthy and stimulating discourse involving Occupy New York and where ever else. Two luncheon friends went at it. One a die in the wool Democrat, the other a conservative Republican. Or so they seemed.

The discourse was terrific! As I sat listening, all I couild think of was this is the way it must be in Washingtgon. Both sides, sincere, knowledgable and factual. Where is the compromise? Where can there be compromise? How do the two sides come together?

It is going to take a Solomon to figure this one out.

The Chart Room last night.

Sheila there. She is back to work, though her knee is still bothering her. Sean in attendance also. Alone. Katherine was in Little Rock with her Mom and bridesmaids buying a wedding dress.

Heathners Galloway joined us. An attractive young lady. A bright smile. A distinct southern accent. She works at Ocean Key with Katherine.

Sean and Heathers were having a bite to eat afterwards at the Green Parrot. They were transporting themselves to the Green Parrot Key West style. Bicycles.

They were taking to go drinks with them. In plastic cups. I asked how they were going to carry them? Heathers told me both bikes have cup holders for such an occasion.

Emily was back bartending! A big deal! I missed her the week end before. She had a few days vacation time and took them.

Today is Occupy Key West day. Tonight at 5 at Mallory Square. I am going for a while to watch. Not participate. But, who knows. I just might grab a poster, jump on the stage and shout…..let’s go get ’em!

This evening is Alabama/Mississippi State football. Sean is a Miss State grad. Jean Thornton an Alabama one. Sheila, David and I are going to join the two of them and watch the game at the Sports Page Bar.

I have seen Alabama play twice this year. The finest college football team I have ever seen! Mississippi State is going to get killed! Sean and I agreed on that last night.

Enjoy your day!

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