Woke to brilliance this morning.

The weather is turning. Much less humidity. Comfortable evenings.

Last night it was 74 degrees. Cool for Key West! I was able to sleep without air conditioning.

I have large glass sliding doors in my bedroom. They open onto a large balcony. The ocean is a couple hundred feet beyond the balcony in that direction. Nothing but ocean as far as the eye can see running to the northeast.

I lay in bed for a while after waking. It was still dark. All of a sudden I saw this flash in the distance. And then more and more. For about a half hour. There was lightning way out on the ocean. So far that I heard no thunder. Huge and magnificent. Day light out there.

Beautiful. God like in quality. I expected to see His hand reach out.

Rained most of yesterday. Big wind. Till four. Then the sun came out, etc. I had dinner plans with Chris and Don last night. They were cancelled around three because of the weather. We should have waited. We are rescheduled for tonight.

Comcast continues to make me less than happy. Their customer service sucks. The conduit guy finally showed up yesterday afternoon. He was supposed to have been here Friday evening. As irrritated as I was, I must say he was a nice guy. Lars. From Sweden. Accent and all. Sent him away. Told him I had the problem under control. My people were working on it.

My people is Adam. Adam does little jobs around the property. I called him yesterday morning. He took a look and said no problem. I can fix it. No tearing up the driveway or anything like that.  He is doing the job. The rain prevented him from completeing the task yesterday.

I am confident Adam will succeed. If my confidence is misplaced, it will be Dish for me.

I visited Tammy at noon. A manicure. Tammy is a a very lovely Vietnamese woman. Typically short and thin. Thirty four. Looks nineteen. Rarely speaks. We have become friends and with me she is a chatterbox. She told me how poorly I have been looking. Haggard and tired. The last two weeks I look good again, she said. I know why. My blood pressure is under control. It was knocking the hell out of me.

No Chris and Don, so I had dinner with Lisa and the family. No better substitute.

My grandkids are a joy. Lisa says she and the kids were playing scrabble yesterday. The first word Robert made was Ally’s name. They both were so excited they hugged each other.

Two people died yesterday I would like to mention. Al Davis and Diane Cilento.

Al was the owner of the Oakland Raiders and a professional football leader. The sport owes much to him.

I met Al some 25 years ago. I was stuck at the Detroit airport with a long layover. There was this man sitting across from me. He looked strange. It was his hair. Davis is known for wearing his hair in a weird fashion. We started talking. He was stuck in Detroit for a long time, also. Turns out he was Al Davis! A nice guy. Friendly. Down to earth. We talked for a couple of hours as if old friends.

May he rest in peace.

The other was Diane Cilento.You may ask who was Diane Cilento. Everyone else has since I started mentioning her yesterday.

Diane was a movie actress. Started her career back in the 1950s. In the 1960s, she was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in Tom Jones. During this time, she also married Sean Connery of James Bond fame.

She had a brother. Several. Four of whom were doctors. One settled in Utica. His first name escapes me so I shall refer to him as Dr. Cilento. After her marriage to Connery ended, Diane lived with her brother for a few years in Utica. She was a celebrity! Someone special. And treated as such.

I knew her primarily from social gatherings. Everyone invited her to everything. Not only did the men like Diane, the women did also. She had a rare quality.

I met her for the first time when I went to her brother’s office to prepare him to testify in a case. He was a neurosurgeon. He had treated my client. His office was in his home. A glorious huge red brick house.

As I sat alone in the waiting room, this dream from another world came flowing in. Mumus were just coming into vogue then and she was wearing a bright red one. We chatted a while as I waited for her brother. I knew not who Diane Cilento was, nor did she let on. We talked as if next door neighbors for years.

She ultimately settled in Australia where she was yesterday when she passed on.

May Diane rest in peace.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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