I just took a walk onto my deck. It is still dark in Key West. Nothing is moving. Absolutely no breeze. The water a mirror. The sky full of bright stars.

What does it mean for our day? I am not sure. It could be the calm before a storm. Or, the indication of a great day to be.

I have television and a wirless connection! Finally! Last night.

Adam did it! He suceeded where Comcast would not venture.

It was a big job. Took part of Saturday and all day yesterday. Even had to drill through a 17 inch poured concrete wall. Whatever, it is done and I am thrilled!

I survived without a wired computetr since last Tuesday. The absence of TV turned out to be the real problem. A cultural shock of sorts! Especially for one living alone. The TV set becomes that other voice in the house.

Last night Don, Chris and I finally hooked up. These are two great people. From the Syracuse area. Syracuse fans. They are also fans of Key West. They have been visiting here 3-4 times a year for years.

We hooked up at the Chart Room. Sean and Kathnerine there. JJ bartending. We had a couple of drinks and a lot of laughs. Don and Chris knew Sean and Katherine from a previous trip.

Then the three of us had dinner at the Hot Tin Roof.

Three things are in the forefront of my mind from last evening involving Don and Chris.

While at the Chart Room, they asked if we were having a mosquito problem. No more than usual, I said. Don told me they were getting bit all over. That the bites itched, they were constantly scratching and that the bites would not go away. Show me, I said. Just as I thought. Fire ants!

Both were ignorant of fire ants. So JJ and I proceeded to give Don and Chris an education. They probably were bitten while lying by the pool at their hotel. Was there greenry growing nearby? Yes, right next to them.

We told them the bites last three weeks. Treatment is simple. The bites develop white heads. On a repetitive basis. The whiteheads have to be removed every other day with a dull knife or rough towel. Then rubbed vigorously with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol.

Initially, they did not believe us. I am sure they will start following the protocol today. Otherwise, it will be scratch, scratch, scratch.

While at the Chart Room, JJ received a telephone call. It was from the Chart Room in New Orleans. The bartender from there was calling. No connection between the two bars. Just some people in New Orleans who opted to telephone their named counterpart in Key West. We all had shots to toast each other simultaneously. Key West and New Orleans. Even exchanged cell phone pics.

Don and Chris spend much of their working time in China. One of their company’s key products involves solar panels. If I understand it correctly, the Chinese need what the company produces in order for the Chinese to manufacture solar panels. Solar energy is high on the list of present day Chinese endeavors.

Don is a friendly sort. He has made many friends in China. I asked if it was true that the Chinese were eating less dog meat because of the rising middle class that kept them as pets. Before responding to my inquiry, Don told me of a recent dinner party he had participated in in China.

Don does not eat Chinese delicacies which we frown upon. When others are dining on rat or dog or the like, he sticks to dumplings and rice.

This particular evening his friends set a dish before him. They said it was chicken. Don said it sort of looked like chicken. He started eating it. Almost tasted like chicken. Suddenly he came upon a line of small teeth like bones. This was no chicken!

It was snake!

His friends laughed. Don choked. It was dumplings and rice thereafter. Don said the snake was like a cut from the center or body of the snake. The next course was a soupy bowl containing heads and tails. Of snakes, of course.

As to the dogs, the Chinese still eat them big time. Dog meat is considered a delicacy, also.

It was a fun night!

The doctor this morning. My internest. I am anxious to see her. My blood pressure is under control. However,  I continue to have a fluid problem. Every 5 days or so ankles swell.

Enjoy your day!

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