Rain drops are falling. Have been for the two hours I have been up. Sky gray. Probably will pass. But at the moment, a different Key West morning.

Loved the Key West Lou Legal Hour yesterday! The world is crazy. Topics are many. That is what makes the show good.

Post show reactions were to three topics.

Comcast was the biggest. People do not like Comcast! Right now, I do not also!

People are into these protests popping up all over the country. Those that are evolving from Occupy New York. Over 1,000 communities are presently planning or have already had one.

Herman Cain. A developing interest. Because he is an interesting person. The media failed to expose him to us. Now, they must.

Comcast controlled the rest of my day and into the early evening. Because of Comcast, I missed my business men’s luncheon and going out last night.

My time for Comcast was between 12 and 2. Comcast has a verification system. They call and say you have an appointment at such and such a time. It is a confirmation.  If you fail to answer, your appointment is cancelled and you have to go through the process again. I had to three times between 11 and 1.

Comcast guy here from 1:30 till after 5. Problem is between the poll and the crawl space under the house. A no man’s land.

The power comes in from an outside poll. The poll sits outside my property. Just outside my wall. The wire, no cable, runs down the poll and into a conduit. The conduit runs under my concrete driveway to the crawl space under the house.

The cable tests good everywhere, but one place. It is assumed something is wrong with the cable in the conduit. The old cable does not pull out. It is jammed. Comcast does not screw with these things. My expense and I need a guy. Some supervisor hooked me up with whoever does Comcast’s conduit problems. He agreed to stop by my home just after six. I waited all night. He never showed up. He has my telephone number. I do not have his. Nor do I have the numbers of the repair man or his supervisor.

How do I reach anyone? It is back to Comcast’s telephone system which is recorded and foreign.  Not set up to deal with my problem. An absolute pain in the ass! It will take hours to locate the correct person.

I continue to be without internet and TV access. Lisa is my internet connection. Life without TV, I cannot descibe. I am getting withdrawal symptoms.

Missed bocce thursday night. My team won 2 of 3 games. Proof again that I am not needed.  Bad for my ego!

Today is the cable conduit. Tonight is drinks and dinner with Don and Chris from the Syracuse area. Great people! Looking forward to the evening.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Louis,

    Go to Verizon Store and purchase a Mifi hotspot. It's about the size of a small cellphone. It will provide the internet for your home and you can carry it with you to any location if you wish. Service is $50/month for 5 GB.

    Then call Dish or DirectTV and have a satellite dish installed for your TV needs.

  2. I never hear you mention your children in Utica how sad.. Life is short to hold grudges most of all with your family.. Being that your not as Healthy as you wish to be you should mend some fences with your family at home..

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