There is no joy in Mudville. Mighty Casey has struck out.

The Yankees lost last night. Their season is over. ‘Nuff said.

Crazy day yesterday. Normality to corporate frustration.

The morning involved an early dentist visit. When will I be done? I keep saying soon. I am told soon. But it never ends. I suspect another two months. That is what I have been saying for the last six months!

The problem concens the blending/merging/fusion of the cadaver bone put into my jaw with my bone. The dentist wants to be certain the marriage is complete.

Then to Lisa’s for a visit. Now that she works from home, these daily visits have become routine. The only trouble is she generally cannot talk with me. Yesterday she was on a conference chat call on the internet with several persons.

Comcast screwed up my day!

I was in all afternoon waiting for a repair person. He never showed. I stayed into the evening waiting for a telephone call leading to a successor repairman I was pronmised for last night. Required me to miss bocce. Never heard from anyone.

Several calls with Comcast’s telephone system and recorded messages left me frustrated. Finally got live people. Some sympathetic with my plight. Some not. None could help me. It was someone’s else’s responsibility. They would transfer me. Even got a foreign language speaking person. I had to shout to let him know I only spoke English.

Kill was the operative word.

I decided to telephone Comcast’s CEO. Ascertained his name. Nothing else. No address, no email addess, no telephone number. No telephone number either for Comcast’s headquarters in Philadelphia.

I did discover the CEO made $31 million last year.He is one of the guys they are protesting about on Wall Street. You would think for that kind of money, he would be accessible to a customer who religiously pays his company a $100 plus a month.

I finally was told by a minion in the Comcast operation that a repair person would be here between 12 and 2 today. Which means I have to miss my weekly men’s luncheon. Comcast had no other time available till monday.

I have been without internet and TV service since late tuesday night.

I am anxious to do my internet show this morning. Rest assured the Comcast story will be told. In addition, a tribute to Steve Jobs, the Wall Street protests, college sports, Amanda Knox, a Terri White aknowledgment, Playboy Club TV show cancelled after one performance, some info both good and bad re Herman Cain, and more.

Join me at ten my time this morning. World wide.

Enjoy your day! Be not frustrated by the misfeasance and malfeasance of corporate America. Put your head out the window and shout…..I have had enough! Then join Occupy Wall Street.

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  1. re: Comcast…you know any company that ADVERTISES a guarantee of customer service has to have suckO customer service

  2. Comcast, as a monopoly, has precious little reason to have "customer service." It is us or nothing they reply and they are right. Thanks Capitalism quackery couched in corporate greed. Reread the amount the CEO made in Lou's blog, think for a moment on your marvelous Comcast service and wonder aloud "What the "%uck!" We are all suckers.

  3. I'll join your protest against Comcast, one of the most poorly-operated, nonresponsive companies anywhere, but I won't get involved with the Van Jones-inspired far-left circus called "Occupy Wall Street".

  4. Can't you contact Dish Network? They offer internet service along with their television packages.

    I think the cost is a little more than cable companies but I have had great service with Dish for over six years.

  5. Yes Lou, possibly a change to DirecTV or Dish would be a good option. Clearly, it can't get much worse!!

    Good luck from St. Louis!

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