Haircut time again yesterday!

Amazing! I have to get my hair cut more often now that I have none. I am as close to a shaved head as one can be without being shaved. The next step will probably be me shaving my own head.

Lori was chatting while she did her quick number on me. I bought my pink bra, she said. What did I care, I thought. Turns out Lori is in a 5k Saturday. Its purpose is to raise money for breast cancer research. Women will be wearing pink bras decorated with flowers and anything they can think of. Lori says she already has attached so much to her bra, that no one would know she was only wearing a bra top side.

Stopped at Lisa’s afterwards. She was busy talking on the phone the whole time I was there. I quietly read the Citzen, kissed her on top of her head, and left.

I received a text yesterday from Don and Chris. They advised they were coming in yesterday and lets meet at the Chart Room.

Don and Chris are from the Syracuse area. They love Key West and have been coming here 3-4 times a year for years. Their favorite watering hole is the Chart Room. There is where I originally met them.

A 40ish couple, they hail from the Syracuse area. Both work for the same company. Both travel frequently world wide. Don spends most of his time in China.

I could not meet them. I got tied up with Tim Reynolds here at my home.

I had not seen Tim in seven years till this past week. Tim was the chef at Square One for years. My favorite restaurant at the time. The best! Then he got burned out. Wanted nothing more to do with cooking.

He became a computer repair person. He was here last night showing me how to do things I knew not with my computer. Knowledge is a wonderful thing.

Tim’s wife is Debbie Reynolds. Same name as the movie star of old. Charming. Pretty. Lovable. She has been the concierge at the Grand Key for years.

The Wall Sreet protest continues.

I read somewhere last night it is in 147 cities. Sounds like an awful lot to me. If it is, I would have to believe it is in its very formative stage in most of them.

Another article indicated the movement was made up primarily of two groups. One was college students and recent college graduates who were worried about or could not get jobs. The other middle aged workers recently laid off.

The New York group chants and carry signs as to how to fix the deficit. End the war and tax the rich.

Will the movement take hold? I am curious. Things many times start off big and then fizzle.

We shall see.

Enjoy your day!

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