Yesterday, I walked!

A big deal!

Outside. Duval. From the Atlantic to the Gulf and back. Swiftly. Up and down a few side streets along the way. Took 45 minutes.

Humid. My breathing was good. My legs were not. Sign of not walking enough.

But, I did it! Let’s do it some more!

I even stopped along the way and bought a Hog’s Breath tee shirt. I purchased one about 7 years ago. Wear it frequently. The best material, pre-shrunk and feels good.

Stopped at Lisa’s and read the newspaper.

Then to Walgreens. I had a prescription to pick up. They did not have it. I am on automatic refill. It only works about sixty per cent of the time. Aggravating. Means another trip back today.

The cupboard was bare. I needed food desperately. Publix. Enjoyed the experience once again. Talked to many people. Bought great food! Because of the recent health problems, I have been on a be good to Louis kick. Includes food. Bad food. So good… satisfying!

Kurt telephoned in the early evening. He was with Gee Gee. A knockout! A former professional model! Primarily worked Paris! She is 10 feet tall without an ounce of fat on her body.

They were heading over to the Chart Room for a drink and then dinner some where. Would I join them? I was too lazy to drive into town. Takes 15 minutes. I begged off.

Instead, I headed over to Hogfish. Takes me less than 5 minutes. Sat alone, read the out of town papers and had some fish and chips. Hogfish.

I was contentedly in bed later watching TV. Mind and body getting ready to sleep.

I cannot sleep without TV. It is on all night. Turn it off and I wake.

Comcast had a problem and there was no TV from 11:30 last night to 7:30 this morning. I could not sleep. I did not sleep. Not one wink.

I have been up all night. Read some of the Cheney book. His pomposity was just what I needed.

TV came on early this morning as I indicated. My computer’s wireless is with Comcast, also. That did not activate till just now. Around 11:30. That is why today’s blog is late.

I have always wondered when, for whatever reason, a paid service is down, why doesn’t the provider knock something off the bill. There should be a law!

This New York protest bears watching. It is fluid. Could change from day to day.

One of the TV news shows was interviewing a man participating in the protest. At the New York site of the protest. A relatively young man. Early 30s at best. Dressed in a black suit with a black vest. White shirt. Black tie. Moustache. Goatee. Hair curly and a bit ruffled.

He looked like a Trotskyite. Came to my mind immediately.

He identified himself as a leader/organizer of the protest.  He said at one point to the reporter, “This is  revolution, not reform.”

Enjoy your day!

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