Good morning!

What a lovely day!

I am lucky to be living here in Key West. I am sitting outside next to the pool. The ocean is ten feet away. The sun is shining. The MTV house across the way a subdued yellow. The palm tree branches a bright green. The water blue. Moving at a pretty good clip this morning. I must not forget the sky. Powder blue with smatherings here and there of white fluffy clouds.

I wish everyone could be experiencing this Key West morning. It’s a God is in his Heaven, all is right with the world moment.

I started my Sunday with Meet the Press. I was disappointed in Meet the Press and the other Sunday talk shows I watched. Much about Republican presidential politics. Little, if anything, about the New York City/Wall Street protest.

Meet the Press gave it all of 10 seconds. I kid you not. The other shows even less or nothing.

This morning was Morning Joe for me. Normally, this would be the type of issue everyone on the show would rip into. They gave the issue more than lip surface. But did not get into it as they usually would.

I sensed a hesitancy. Like lets not add fuel to the fire. My suspicion is that is what the media in genral is doing. They are fearful of flaming the fires of protest. Strange considering their past record with other issues.

Don’s Place was my first stop in the early afternoon. Pro football.

Don is a rabid Buffalo fan. He is originally from Buffalo. Yesterday, he had a group of Buffalo fans I had never seen before. Probably vactioners. Don was happy he had Buffalo fans for compny. The fans were happy they were in Buffalo heaven for the game.

Then to Lisa’s. I was early for Sunday dinner. Read the Sunday papers. Chatted with the grandkids. Robert and Ally were into their own thing and not me. It was ok by me. Gave me a chance to catch a few winks.

Great dinner! Lisa prepared a linguine with vegegtables and olive oil. The pasta was a  low carbohydrate one. The veggies were cut in very tiny pieces. All of a sudden, Robert and Ally are into no vegvetables. Lisa was fooling them. Except for one cry by Ally…..a carrot!, Lisa got away with it.

Lisa’s birthday was Friday. We celebrated it at the Yacht Club. No birthday cake, however. We had it last night. Since it was Lisa’s birthday, Corey made it. Vanilla with a soft white frosting. And sprinkles. I had two pieces!

Back to the New York City protest a bit.

I do not think it is going anywhere. I could be wrong, but that is how I see it at the moment.

Why? Because the protest is not a spontaneous one. It was planned and organized. By Democrats and union people. The grass roots ingredient is lacking.

Additionally, this protest in New York has been ongoing since September 17th. You heard me right. Two weeks later and it has not inflamed the hearts and souls of a large number of the downtrodden as yet.

So Louis thinks the protest will fizzle and die.

However, it will return. This time of its own accord. Things are that bad in this country. Washington neither hears nor understands. The proper place for a demonstration of this nature is Washington, DC. That is where the problem is. Government empowered the banks and corporate America.

This New York City group of protestors have issued a Declaration of the Occupation of New York City. I read it. A Declaration of Independence it is not! A general list of grievances it is.

I have been lazy exercising. Can’t seem to get back into the habit. My new resolution is to walk every day. That is where I am going now. I am a perfect example of the road to hell being paved with good intentions.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I concur Lou, I don't think the Occupy protests are the "real thing" yet. And yes, as Congress will forevermore apparently be a useless organ of the elite and status quo (which ain't working so well anymore)I believe the protest is prescient for the future real protests and anger to come.

    It is amazing how Washington, D.C. does not appear to realize how much like King George the Third and his Parliament they have become. If we know American history we know how that turned out ultimately.

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