I feel good this morning!  Better than I have felt in about three weeks.

My blood pressure has been out of whack. After being under control for about 10 years, it took off again! Yesterday morning, it was 186/117. Bad!

I have been medicating with my heart doctor. As you know, it is a mix and match situation getting blood pressure under control. Requires the correct combinatin of pills.

The high numbers have been giving me a constant headache (I never get headaches), inability to sleep, and deep concern. I worry about a stroke.

Yesterday morning, I was at the doctor’s office. When I telephoned, I was told to come right in.

I was advised the most recent new pill I was taking required 7 1/2 days or treatments to kick in. I was told it was not scheduled to kick in till the next morning. Today. I was a bit of a wreck. Expressing all kinds of concern. Two new pills were added to the mix. I took the new pills twice yesterday. Plus, the old of course.

My blood pressure this morning is 109/89. Would you believe it! Terrific! I slept like a baby all night. First time in more than a week. No headache. I feel fantastic. Normal.

I hope the blood pressure problem is resolved. I was getting worried.

After my morning doctor visit, I went to Lisa’s. I did not want to be alone. Had lunch with Lisa.

Some one gave me the new Cheney book as a gift this week. I decided I would spend the afternoon on the couch at Lisa’s reading it. I did not last one page. I slept for three hours!

Dinner last night was fun! I almost cancelled because of my blood pressure. Glad I did not.

I entertained Sean and Katherine, Sheila and Stephanie, at the Yacht Club. Good people all! Intelligent and entertaining!

I noticed as the evening wore on that the women were monopolizing the conversation. I had forgotten. It is a woman’s world. Sean and I listened quietly.

Towards the end of the meal, I fell asleep. Sheila gently woke me with her voice from across the table. Remember, I had not slept an hour the past three evenings. I also wrongly decided to have a couple of drinks last night. After taking my blood pressure medicine 1/2 hour before. Not smart!

I have an interesting day ahead. Lunch at one at Salute with my neighbor Andrew and his family. Andrew lives in the MTV house across the water. He recently remarried. To a Swiss girl. Jazz. They have a one year old son, Andrew. I will be meeting Jazz and the baby for the first time. I am looking forward to it.

Tonight, bocce!

I will be there! I skipped golf yesterday because of the blood pressure problem. I was planning on skipping bocce tonight. I get excited when I play. No need to now.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Glad you got your blood pressure under control. My mother had a stroke 10 years ago from high blood pressure due to she didn't have the money for her meds. It is pretty scary when that happens. Take care of yourself. My husband T.J and i would love to met you when we finally move to the Keys.

  2. Louis you better take better care of yourself because Blood Pressure isn't anything to fool around with. I wish for you that you would find a nice lady and have her move in with you to care for you. I'm sure they are waiting line your such a handsome man with so much to offer. A man of so much class and charm life is to short to be alone. I can't believe your life style change you had a wife that did everything for you and your mother the same way All your life you have been cared for .. WHen you need it the most your all alone.. Gentle hugs to you and hope you find happiness and love again…

  3. Lou, when did this start with your BP? I bet a lot has to do with what has happened to your kids back home, I'm sure your very upset about all this and all this worrying isn't helping you any. Hang in there you did a good job provided for your family and now it's time they take care of their own life each one of them..

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