Another lovely Key West day in the making!

The weather could not be more perfect. Just a touch of breeze. Everything bright yellow, reflecting the sun.

It will rain a bit. Rains a little every day during September. No big deal!

This morning normally would be golf. Not today. My blood pressure continues to be out of whack big time. I will probably be at the doctor’s this morning. I do not understand. I am not abusing myself. Have been staying in most evenings. Probably need a different medication. The doctor has been increasing my present medication. As the dosage is increased, so does my blood pressure. It is like a competition. An unhealthy one!

Terri White and Follies opened monday night on Broadway. Terrific reviews! For the show and Terri!

As to the show, “…picked up a pulse.” Changes incorporated in the 3-4 months since Washington did it. The “…principals are all tremendously talented.” The director Eric Schaeffer “…worked hard to address numerous shortcomings of the Kennedy Center production.”

Apparently the show was good, but not great coming out of Washington. Good enough though to be headed to Broadway. Terri kept telling me how hard everyone was working with changes for the Broadway opening. I could not understand. Now I do .Improvement was required. They did it!

As to Terri herself, she received some glowing reviews. Like “…a first rate Terri White.”  She “…did some great hoofing.” “Terri White is…terrific.”

With regard to Terri’s singing, “…Terri White’s crooning of Who’s That woman is like butterscotch trickling over ice cream.” “…White is downright terrific and stops the show cold with her Who’s That Woman.”

Cliff Robertson died this past week. A great actor with Key West connections.

It should be mentioned that he won an Academy Award for Best Actor back in the 1960s for Charly.

I had the rare privilege of meeting Robertson about 10 years ago here in Key West. Robertson had made a movie depicting the life of Mel Fisher. The Mel Fisher Museum years later was initiating an international fund raiser to support its not for profit activities. Robertson agreed to serve as the National Chair. He was at the Museum for an event kicking off the drive. He was older than I had ever seen him on the screen. Ever the distinguished gentleman. Well dressed, even to an ascot.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with him for a few minutes.

Robertson had another and perhaps more popular connection to Key West. It involved Kennedy and PT 109.

During the Cuban missile crisis, President Kennedy was in Key West inspecting U.S. defenses. Picture Smathers Beach with huge military equipment. Artillery weapons, guns, cannons and the like. And troops.

While Kennedy was touring the installations, he was accompanied by Monroe County Sheriff John Spottswood.

At one point, the conversation hit on the pending PT 109 movie. The site to film the movie had not yet been decided. Spottswood suggested an island he owned about 30 miles up the keys. The island was subsequently selected. Today, that island is known as Little Palm Island. Site of a world famous hotel and restaurant.

The Spottswood family remain prominent to this day. The Sheriff’s children are leaders in all walks of Key West life. Good people. I consider the Sheriff’s son Robert and his wife Elena special friends.

The tie to Cliff Robertson. He played young Kennedy in PT 109!

Sheriff John Spottswood also use to fish with President Truman off Little Palm Island. Back in Truman and Kennedy’s time,  Little Palm Island was known as Munson Island.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Cliff Robertson was a great guy and a good friend of aviation.. I was flying a friend to Boston on 9/11 and the first plane was hijacked near us and turned toward NYC over us.. Cliff was flying his Beech 58 over NYC when the first plane hit.. We had a chance to talk about it a few months after.. Patrick

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