This past weekend and this coming weekend anchor two major Key West events. Womanfest and Poker Run.

Womanfest is concluding. Poker Run about to begin.

Womanfest has become a world recognized annual event for lesbians and their friends. Lesbians arrive from every corner of the earth to enjoy this special time together in Key West. The event has been on going for twenty years.

You always know when the ladies are in town! Beauities all, they crowd the streets, restaurants and bars. Party time, big time!

Poker Run brings motorcycles galore to Key West. The noise can be horrendous! The bikes come roaring down US 1 into Key West on friday. They leave with an equal amount of noise on sunday and monday.

The number is overwhelming. They drive into town in groups of 20 and 30 bikes at a time!

Once here, it is party time for the bikers, also. Eight blocks of Duval are closed off. Only the bikes are permitted. And not to be driven. To be parked for viewing. These mototrcycles are the best money can buy. Mucho expensive!

The drivers and their passengers look tough. They are not. Most are docotrs, lawyers and accountants here for a playful weekend. Most have their wives or girl friends riding on the back attired like bike girls.

Poker Run is a fund raising event. It is a 50/50 sponsorship between Harley Davidson and the Key West Sunset Rotary. The monies generated go to diabetes research, scholarships and other charitable needs.

I find it amusing that  a Rotary would sponsor a bike event. Rotarys consisit of a community’s leading business citizens. Generally reserved and staid. Bikers render a dinstinctly different and opposite impression. But it works! And it works here in Key West!

Alex Okinczyc, better known as Island Alex, is going to be on Miami Channel 10 this friday.

Two months ago, Channel 10’s news anchor Kacey Burch gave Alex a call. She was aware he had a significant bottle collection acquired from diving the ocean floor for many years. She told Alex that Channel 10 was doing a special diving show involving Mel Fisher Museum and would like to feature his bottle collection, also.

John Ferracane is Channel 10’s executive producer. He was in Key West last thursday organizing the show. He met with Alex for two hours. He also visited Alex’s home the nex tmorning to view first hand Alex’s bottle collection.

Alex also writes music, sings and blows a horn. He is often a side kick to Larry Smith.

The televison show is this friday evening at 9:30. Channel 10 out of Miami is a ABC affiliate. This is a big deal! Tune in, if you can.

I watched the Republican debate last night. Is this the best the party of Lincoln can offer? What happened to the political statesmen of yesteryear? Are they no more?

I have to hurry. Dentist appointment early this morning.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. You may think that the Republican candidates are lacking, but I think that the worst of them is 100 times better than the current resident. He is woefully inept.

    We would be better off if he were a lemonade stand – although he would fail at that too.

  2. Rick Perry maybe able to run a lemonade stand but that is about all he can run perhaps reasonably well as the state he governs (Texas) ranks dead last 50 out of 50 for the number of people and especially children without healthcare. So I am assuming these folks are either treated in the local ER or left to suffer and die on the steps outside. Neither solution is very good as treatment at the ER costs all other insured people millions through increased premiums and the latter is just plain evil. Now that is WJWD ain't it? Don't know WJWD, ask an evangelical.

    Also, about 15% of the so-called million jobs created in TX under Perry were government jobs. Not much governmental reduction there. The majority of the private sector jobs barely surpassed minimum wage and carried few if any benefits. Boy, how our nation is sinking to new lows while our adversaries reach stronger heights.

    It is looking more and more like we will have a Devil's choice for a leader next year. The current Republican crop is either outright idiotic or downright scary. Obama is totally ineffective and so professorial in his speeches that people just glaze over.

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