Good morning!

Lovely morning! With one exception. Absolutely no breeze. It is going to be another humid day. I can feel the hunidity already.

Yesterday was strange weather wise. It rained more than normal. Off and on all day. Sometimes heavy.

NFL football started yesterday! That means Don’s Place sunday afternoons.

The place was packed. Inside and out. Everyone jovial.

I stayed about an hour. Ate a bit. Chatted with friends.

Then headed over to Lisa’s. Robert and Ally going crazy. They had a friend over for a play date. I sat quietly and read the sunday Key West Citizen.

I needed my shot of the Sunday New York Times. Visited the Coffee House. Sipped coffee and browsed through the Times.

I noticed in driving around Key West yesterday that many homes were flying the American flag. Obviously in honor of 9/11. A welcome contribution to the feeling of patrotism permeating all of us yesterday.

My game plan was to visit the Chart Room last night. I showered, shaved and dressed. The TV was on during these preparatory activities. All of a sudden Casablanca came on! The great 1940 flick starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. So much for going out! I stayed in and watched the film. One of my all time favorites! I was even dressed for the occasion!

Tonight is big! Terri White opens on Broadway in Follies. Another year, another show! Follies marks Terri’s ninth Broadway opening. Wow! What a life!

Break a leg, Terri!

Yesterday’s tenth anniversary of the dreaded 9/11 affected all of us. I cannot believe there was one American who did not feel something. The day also brought additional cautions and warnings. We were placed on alert that some sort of terrorist activity might occur.

It was a day to be better safe than sorry.

As I move into the twilght of my years, there is little I have not experinced. I would also say I have done/accomplished pretty much what I wanted to in life. But, not everything!

I never became a member of the Mile High Club!

I am a man. What less would you expect of me.

Yesterday, there was a Mile High Club experience that intertwined with 9/11. Actually, two. Both involved airplane flights. One to New York and the other to Detroit.

On both flights, it was observed that there was unusual bathroom use by more than one person at a time. Interestingly, three persons were involved on both flights. Passanger(s) became suspicious, crew warned, air traffic notified, two F-16 jet fighters sent to escort each plane and authorities boarding the planes upon landing. One plane was boarded by a swat team.

The three persons involved on each flight were taken into custody. Handcuffed. Later in the day these same persons were all released from custody without being charged. It turns out Mile High Club activity was involved. Nothing more.

The authorities felt justified in using “…an abundance of caution.” Some one commented that the F-16 fighters and other cautionary activity was a misuse of tax dollars. One person commented that if Mile High Club activity were to be barred, Osama Bin Laden would have won.The authorities also said that the activity had “…no nexus to terrorism.”

Apparently play on an airplane of the type that occurred in these two instances is not against the law.

Good, I say. Let’s not get too uptight!

I suspect my conclusion also contains a bit of the jealousy factor. Hope springs eternal!

Enjoy your day!

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