Good morning!

Pitch black outside. I am up early. My internet show this morning at 10. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Join me for what will be a hard hitting commentary  involving  9/11 and today’s politics. Plus, a pleasant walk back in history with Abraham Lincoln.

I spent my yesterday finalizing today’s show and researching for my book. Both pleasurable. I have come to realize writing is much like practising law. Preparation, preparation, preparation!

Bocce dominated last evening!

We went into the match 3-0. Our opponent 1-5. We played like a 3-0 team. Our opponents did, also.

We lost the first two games. By one point each time. I do not know about the third game as I left to catch the post Obama commentaries on TV.

I only playd game one. I was teamed with our new team member, Frankie. It is a pleasure to have him on our team. He is good! No, terrific!

I never shot better. Made shots that even impressed me. However… a losing event.

I am not dismayed. Nor were my team mates. We’ll be ok!

Stephanie is playing in her first season. The Island Shoe Girl. She played with the opposing team last night.

Stephanie does not relent. She did not wear stiletto heals. She did wear 5 inch wedges. Takes guts! Easy to fall over! I would also assume hard to address the shot. But…..Stephanie will do as Stephanie does.

I have to hustle. My show at 10. Friday luncheon with the guys at noon. Tonight the best of all! Dinner with Lisa, Robert and Ally! Corey is overnighting in Key Largo on business. He has an address to give in the morning on slave and priate wrecks in the Caribbean.

Don’t know where we will be eating. The selection of the place becomes a game. Lisa wants one place, I another and the grandkids a third.

We shall see.

Enjoy your day!

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