Never made it to the golf course yesterday. I was running late. Had to push myself to make it on time. I am not pushing myself lately. Because of the blood pressure problem. It is still not under control.

A bit of caution now will insure that I am around to play another day. Many more days!

Did exercise, however. In due course, I made my way to Smathers Beach. Walked down and back. Hot/humid. Very few people. The view outstanding.

Spent a good portion of the day at home working on tomorrow’s internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am my time.

Join me for what will be another interesting and thought provoking show.

Topics include a French woman who received a judgment for $14,000 from her sexless husband, an Indonesian tale about seven dogs who ate their owner (disgusting but true), the Goodwin Liu story, a retested porn performer who came up with a negative HIV, a 9/11 comment, a walk back in history to Abraham Lincoln, a California proposed babysitter law that does not make sense, a small town in Italy talking secession and printing its own currency, California and circumsicion, the jury result in the Californuia penis amputation case, condom use by broadcasters during Irene, who hurt the manatees most, and more.

Tune in. You will not be disappointed! I assure you!

I enrtertained last night. Threw a dinner party. At the Yacht Club.

I arrived early. Wanted to be there to greet my guests as they arrived. Who do I see as I enter? My Sheila from the Chart Room. A hug and a kiss. A brief conversation. She was someone else’s guest for dinner.

Sheila is still recovering from her bicycle accident. Walking with a cane. Getting there. Hopes to return to work on the 17th.

The dinner party was terrific. Great guests. Don and Stephanie, Rob and BeBe, Herschel and Erika, David and Kurt. David and Kurt were not a couple. David’s Karen could not make it. Kurt travels alone as I do.

Have to be careful with these things in Key West.

Good food and drinks. Everyone happy. A lot of laughs. A good evening in every respect.

Afterwards, I hurried home. Wanted to catch the post Republican debate comments. Watched them. Realized I missed nothing. Fell asleep.

Bocce tonight. It was part of our conversation last night at the dinner party. The subject consumes us.

We have several new players on our team. Actually, we have too many players. Not everyone will be able to play every week. One of the new players is Frankie the plumber. Frankie is not new to bocce. Only our team. He is a star star from the tough Monday night league.

A coup that we have Frankie on the team!

Obviously, Frankie has to start. There is no question, he will be our best player. No competition for the honor!

Normally, I play the first game. Don told me tuesday I was being moved to the second or third game to make way for Frankie. No problem from my perspective. Besides fun, the name of the game is to win! I accepted my down grading like the good trooper I am. All for the team!

Last night Don and David told me I am playing the frst game with Frankie as my partner. I could not understand the reasoning as to why. But happy I am!

Enjoy your day!

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