Two in the morning. Could not sleep. So blog time it is!

Yesterday started with my internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. As usual, fun to do.

Post show comments indicate two favorite topics.

One was my walk back in history with Abraham Lincoln. His quotes and their relevancy to today. One being “…a house divided cannot stand.”

The other involved manatees. I was correct when I said everyone loves manatees! The reaction substantiates what was said on the show. Loveable big guys. They faced and continue to face extinction. Flagler’s railroad to Key West did not help the situation. Jimmy Buffett did.

I visted Lisa for a bit after the show. Then to Publix to shop. The cupboard was bare again.

I skipped my friday luncheon at Salute’s. Just not in the mood. Instead after shopping, I went home and ate some of the goodies  purchased. Followed lunch with a couple of hours of research and writing.

Big dinner last night! Corey in Key Largo on business. Lisa says come out to dinner with her and the grandkids. Of course!

Robert and Ally picked. TGIF. I really dislike that place. But Robert and Ally love it!

Both are back in school. Ally got her first home work assignments this week. She proudly told me what they were and that she was doing her home work. Robert has not had any yet.

Dinner is early when I dine with the grandkids. It was all over and not yet 7 pm. I decided to take a ride over to Don’s Place to see what might be going on.

It was too early even for my friends who frequent/live at Don’s. Don was there, however. He was setting up for a big retirement party. Some Air Force person. One hundred people expected. At the outside bar. DJ and all.

Don and I chatted briefly. Bocce, of course. We analyzed thursday’s games. In spite of losing two, we are convinced our team is good enough to make the playoffs again this season.

I did not stay for a drink. Left and was home before 8.

My big friday night in Key West!

Actually for whatever reason, I was not in the mood to visit my usual haunts and stay out a while.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Something interesting (perhaps)to most folks is that Lincoln's voice was a rather highish tenor voice.
    David Allds, who portrays Lincoln often and does Spoken Words told me that this was one of the most surprising aspects of his initial research years ago.

  2. In todays world, folks like Lincoln and Churchill would never have been elected. They'd come across as physically too negative. What a shame.

  3. Manatees, speed bumps..
    Lincoln during his presidency was argue-ably the most hated man in the country.. How things change with time.. Patrick

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