I was a good boy yesterday. I walked. In the morning. Smathers Beach.

A good brisk walk. Sun burning down. Humidity a killer. Saw all of three other people during my walk. The smart ones had walked earlier when it was cool or not at all. A strong wind was blowing in off the Artlantic. 20-30 miles an hour. Carrying sand with it. The sand was biting. My trip takes me down and back. The return trip was difficult. I was walking into the wind. I had to push.

Stopped at Lisa’s afterwards. Love her!

Harpoon Harry’s for lunch. All of five  customers during the lunch hour. September is the slowest business month of the year in Key West. One reason is that it is the warmest.

Saw Michelle as I walked towards Harpoon Harry’s. We waived to each other. Michelle is a long time friend. We are also on the same bocce team. She now works for Cuban Queen as a delivery person. Michelle and her moped!

Worked on friday’s internet show.

I am going to take a walk back in history to Abraham Lincoln. His “…a house divided cannot stand” quote. We are a house divided today. And an insulting group at that. From both sides of the aisle. Some Republicans have already stated they will not be attending the President’s address thursday night to Congress. Whether you agree is unimportant. Obama is our President. An address to Congress important. Respect and duty compels everyone’s presence.

There is an excellent Lincoln book I read a couple of years ago. I commented on it in this blog at the time. It is a Lioncoln biography entitled On Becomingv Abraham Lincoln. Written by John T. Morse, Jr. in 1893.

Morse was born in 1840 and lived to 97. He died in 1937. The significance of the book is that it was written by someone who was alive and an adult during Lincoln’s Presidency. Sort of a first hand knowledge thing. Plus, the book is critical on occasion of Lincoln. Just as political books written today of today’s political figures might be. The new Cheney book being an example.

A terrific book. I recommend that you read it.

The Chart Room first last night. JJ bartending. Met Judy. It is amazing. Everytime I think I know everyone in Key West, I meet someone who has been here quite a while also. Who I have never met before. Judy has lived in Key West 13 years.

I had dinner at the bar at Hot Tin Roof. Very few customers. Just as it was at lunch. Again, it it that time of year.

John and I talked college football. We were both pleased our respective teams won this past weekend. Wisconsin killed who ever they played. Wisconsin was pre season ranked #10. John is hopeful the team will be a repeat of last year’s.

Yesterday, I reported that I had a do nothing day the day before. Several have commented it is good to experience such a day every now and then. Several however were critical that I would waste a day in that fashion.

I enjoy wasting a day every now and then. They are my days to waste. Whether in bed or up and about the house.

The recent wasted day had me up and about. It was a good Key West day from my perspective. Such a day for me means sitting outside in the sun by the pool, floating around in the pool with a noodle under my arms, and writing under the shade of the tiki hut. It also means wandering into my air conditioned home and taking a nap on cool bed sheets.

Not a bad day!

Sopmeone wrote this morning and asked about the weather. She said the September report showed rain and showers. She is due to visit Key West beginning September 16. She wanted to know if she should still come.

Of course.

It rains every day in September. It is part of our rainy season. Most days it rains 1-3 times. For 5-10 minutes. Then the sun comes out again. Or the rain may skip a day and pour during the night. Either way it is not an encumbrance to enjoying Key West.

So, come on  down!

Golf this morning. I look forward to it.

It may rain while we are playing. Probably will. Once or twice. We play right through the rain, unless it pours. Then we huddle under a tree. The rain passes quickly. One or two holes later, we are all dry from the sun and sweating from the humidity which follows a rain storm this time of year in Key West.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I agree that as a show of respect all members of congress should attend the Presidents speech.

    HOWEVER, if the president is going to use this speech as a campaign event, and use the speech to point fingers and put the blame for this economic mess on the Repubilcans,then I can see why the republicans would not want to attend.

    Time will tell.

  2. The president as do the Republicans have every right to criticize each other. Out of respect the Republicans should attend the president's speech. There is a new phenomena that has come along in the last few years and that's Republicans like McConnell stating their only goal is to see Obama lose the next election. This leads you to realize politics is about power not about solving our problems.

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