Yesterday was a quiet one. Of necessity. I was recovering from the night before!

I had a haircut appoinment with Lori in the morning. When I arrived, she had a lovely in her chair. My Lisa!

It was Lori’s first day back to work from a two week vacation. She and her boy friend visited their parents in Maine and New York. New York was actually Long Island. They were there for Irene.

Lori has lived in Key West for many years. She and the boy friend have experienced a few hurricanes in that time. Including some big ones like Georges and Wilma.

The house guests turned out to be a big help. They assisted the family in preparing for Irene. Food, water, candles, battery operated lights, a battery operated radio and so forth. The prep included filling the bathtub with water to flush the toilets.

Good guests!

Lori said other than a power failure and some flooding, Irene was no big deal where she was staying.

I spent the next several hours researching. Then decided to grocery shop. Publix, of course.

The store was more crowded than normal for a Saturday afternoon. Must have been the holiday weekend. I only needed a few things. I wandered around. Took my time. I had no plans for the rest of the day.

There was a striking woman near the meats that I thought I knew. We glanced at each other. Neither of us spoke. Later, I noticed her again.  Then at the check out counter, she was behind me. She said, you’re Louis Petrone. Yes, I replied. I am Barbara Grant. I know you from Don’s Place…..You have not seen me there in a while…..I only go during the football season on Sundays.

I apologized for not remebering her. Told her she looked familiar when first we saw each other. As I was leaving the store, I recalled the Sundays and her at Don’s Place. And a pool party at Don’s home a couple of years ago when she and I chatted while floating around in the pool.

Spent the evening watching old William Holden movies on the Classic Movies Channel. He was one terrific actor.

I had the good fortune to meet Holden and know him a bit. In the mid 1970s, I started going to La Costa near San Diego. It was a health spa. Popularly known as a fat farm. You payed $3,500 a week to eat 800 calories a day and work out from 9-5.

Holden was at La Costa doing the spa thing several times when I was there. We got to be La Costa buddies.

Two things have always stood out in my mind from the La Costa experience with him. Holden was a very humble man. He was a surprisingly short man, also.

You would never know he was an international movie star or anyone of importance. His humility was a constant.

As we got to know each other better, I brought his height up. He looked like a tall man in pictures. He was about 5 foot 6 inches. However, at no time did any of his leading ladies tower over him. He laughed. Holden said that for many love scenes with various actresses, he had to stand on empty Coca Cola cases when he kissed them.

Holden passed on in 1981. He fell in his apartmenmt and hit his head. Bled quite a bit. Apparently could not move or call for help. His body was not found for four days. It was reported that he might have been drinking when he fell.

Drinking was the reason Holden visited La Costa. He was aware of his drinking problem. His trips to La Costa were to dry out.

I have a late morning appointment with Tammy. Manicure and pedicure!

Tonight, I am taking Lisa and the family, plus Corey’s parents who are visiting, to the Yacht Club for dinner. This Sunday’s buffet is special. It is Italian night.

Enjoy the Sunday portion of your Labor day weekend!

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  1. Enjoy your Labor Day Lou! It is amazing who you have run into over the years. I also like Bill Holden, one of the most underrated western actors as well.

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