Wow am I late! It is noon already!


I went out last night. Had a terrific time. Stayed out late. Slept late this morning. Had a hair appointment when I got up.

But…..I am finally here. My apologies again.

I must share this with you. I have received about a dozen emails and a dozen telephone calls this morning. Where are you? Where is the blog? Are you ok? Is something wrong? Thank you for your concern.

Big day yesterday. Even before the night.

I did my internet show The Key West Lou Legal Hour in the morning. Great show! Again, it is not me. It is the material.

Two topics proved to be especially interesting to viewers based on post show comments. The first was Harry Truman. I took a walk back in history and his train/financial problems in the 1948 Presidential race. The second were my comments about Glenn Beck and Michele Bachmann and their purported close relationship with God. Apparently He communicates with them on occasion.

At noon, I was at Salute’s with my friday luncheon group. Ten guys from various walks in life. All successful in their own way.

The conversation moved. We covered a multitude of local issues. Nothing national. The group has  certain rules. One is that at least one sports item must be discussed. No problem yesterday. These guys are all graduates of Florida schools. The football season is upon us. So it was college football and the Miami Dolphins.

I kept quiet. What do I know about Miami, Florida, etc. I did not even mention Syracuse’s overtime victory against Wake Forest the night before. It would have been…..who is Syracuse?

I had nothing to do last night. No plans. I almost stayed home. A good thing I did not. I had a terrific time and that is why this blog is late!

I started at the Chart Room.

Just Emily and a customer. The customer and I started talking. His name is Mike. He is from Toronto. He is involved with pharmaceutical marketing in Canada. Married. Two children.

This is his second trip to Key West. Came August the last time, also. Stays at the Eden House.

We had a lengthy conversation on politics in our two countries and the medical system in both. Canada has free medicine. Taxes are higher. But the medical care is top notch and costs Canadians nothing. I was concerned about how long a Canadian has to wait to be admited to a hospital. He said his experience was right away. No waiting. He was in the hospital on two separate occasions for his heart and two separate occasions for a cancer problem.

Suddenly, a swarm of people arrived in the Chart Room. Happy and talkative. They had been partying some where before and were feeling good. It was Sheila, Sheila’s friend Diane, Sean and Katherine and Captain Peter.

I love these people! We all talked. And more importantly, laughed.

Captain Peter and Mike chatted. Turned out both were born in England.

First time I met Sheila’s friend Diane. A nice person. She is from Champagne, Illinois. More importantly, she was born in Kankakee, Illinois. Home of the illustrious Cheryl and Roger. She works as a secretary for some non profit at the University of Illinois.

Diane is also an artist. While we were talking, she was penning a sketch on the back of a bar coaster. When she finished, she gave it to me. It is sitting in front of me at the moment. The scene is an outdoor bar, stools, a palm tree and the sun. All on a little square coaster!

Diane is also a Jimmy Buffet and Howard Livingston fan. She returns to Key West for Buffet’s Swizzle Party in November. Swizzle party?

I spent about three hours at the Chart Room. I left when I received a telephone call from Don. He was at his bar and asked me to stop in  my way home. I did. That stop was good for another couple of hours. And a few more drinks. My blood pressure was down the previous two days and, for want of a better excuse, I was testing it by drinking.

It was Don, Herschel, Erika and me. One topic only. Bocce and our team. It consumes every one involved during bocce season. I do not know what our serious conversation accomplished. We beat every one up, analyzed various players, moved partners around, etc.

Then home. It was late! I do not recall the time.

Slept late this morning. Slept good. When I was dressing, I could not find my money and credit cards. They were on the front passanger seat of the car. Strewn all over the seat. I don’t know why. Barbara telephoned me last night. And again this morning. I do not recall talking to her last night.

Apparently a bad boy was I!

I plan on staying in this evening.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Enjoyed your late blog today….We've been traveling out east and didn't have time to read it this morning anyway. We really got a kick out of hearing that you met someone else from Kankakee.

    We'll be there to have dinner with you sometime around the 15th of November. It's your turn you know!

    Love ya,

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