Happy Labor Day!

Do you know how Labor Day became a national holiday? To recognize the labor movement obviously. To give the otherwise proud workmen another reason to be proud. Back in the days when it was first established, of course.

The United States was born of strife and death. The Revolutionary War. Fighting and death big time. The Civil War is another example of strife and death.

The first national/federal holiday to be known as Labor Day did not occur in the United States. It happened in Toronto in 1872. Labor Day did not become a federally recognized national holiday in the United States till 1894.

There had been the Pullman strike in 1894. It was horrendous. Strife and death again. The U.S. Army and U.S. Marshalls were called in to put the striking workers down. Not nice when your own government beats its citizens up to quell a huge protest. President Grover Clevelansd was fearful that unless some significant olive branch was offered to the workers, that another and worse strike would occur. He did not want to use American power to put down American citizens a second time.

Cleveland decided to establish a national day of recognition for working people. It was to be called Labor Day.

Cleveland presented his Labor Day bill to Congress. Within six days, both houses of Congress passed it and Cleveland signed the bill into law. Six days! Would never happen in the Washington atmosphere of today! Even if the President and two houses of Congress were of the same party!

That is how Labor Day came to be.

I started my yesterday with Tammy. A relaxing pedicure and manicure. It is amazing the business Tammy and her husband do on a Sunday. Good for them!

Stopped at Lisa’s afterwards. Corey’s parents visiting. The big announcement was that Robert and Ally could ride a two wheel bike without training wheels!

We went outside. I wanted to see. Robert had it down to a science! Turn, stand, he did it all. Ally can do it, but is still a bit timid. She wants to know someone is holding the back of the seat so she will not fall. If you take your hand away, she does not fall. Not until she becomes aware no one is holding her.

I spent the balance of the day till dinner time at home writing.

It was the Yacht Club for dinner. Lisa and family and the visiting grandparents. Every one dressed a bit. Ally and Lisa in new dresses.

It was Italian Night. I have never known the Yacht Club to have one. As an Italo-American, I was concerned.

Served buffet style, it was overall good. The lasagna, especially.

We all ate big time. Robert and Ally devoured their meals. It was past their dinner time and they were hungry. We even had dessert. The We consisting of Robert, Ally, Corey and me. Two key lime pies and 2 chocolate sundays. Wowie!

It was still early when dinner was concluded, so I headed over to Don’s Place. Packed. Unusual for a non football Sunday evening. A fantasy football thing was going on in the back outside. A large group there. Both bars crowded.

I chatted with several people. Spent some time sitting next to Joanie and talking with her. I likeJ oanie. She is good people.

I want to pay Lori a compliment. She was a knockout last night! Hair and eyes done, cheeks glowing.

Of course bocce controlled the conversations. Someone showed me that the Sunday paper indicated our team was in first place. We were 3-0. No other team was undefeated. It is very early in the season.

I would like to think we could stay in first place. I doubt it. Our goal overall is to make the playoffs again. That means we have to be in the top four. And then win a game or two in the playoffs!

I had one drink at Don’s and came home. It was about eight. I immediately went to bed and slept till 5 this morning. A good night’s sleep.

This is going to be a I don’t know day for me. Nothing scheduled.

Enjoy your day!

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