Dark outside. Had to rise early. My internet show this morning at 10. Join me. Viewed world wide.The Key West Lou Legal Hour. http://www.konkbroadcasting.com/.

Besides the topics I have shared with you previously this week, I am going to hit upon the Democratic/Republican disunion, the beloved Harry Truman, and the origins of Labor Day.

It will be a stimulating show. I promise you!

The big news this morning is Syracuse’s win over Wake Forest last night. In overtime, 36-29. A bit of a sloppy game on Syracuse’s part, but a win is a win. Mighty Casey did not strike out!

Started yesterday with Dr. Lefferts, my internist. Thought it was going to be a quick visit. She is checking on my blood pressure, also. Turned out to be a long visit.

Dr. Lefferts is the finest diagnostician I have been subjected to. Absolutely the best! She has never been wrong with me. And, on at least two occasions, came up with maladies affecting me when I felt good. Both could have been life threatening if not discovered and treated.

Then to Lisa’s for a cup of coffee and a father/daughter chat. Except it was not father/daughter material. Lisa is a computer guru. Social media is her forte and business.

Facebook came out with some new things the other day. I punched a wrong key. I was not sure this blog was getting out effectively via Facebook anymore. Lisa correctred whatever harm I did and showed her Dad the correct way to proceed.

She made it appear so simple.

Last night was a disappointment. No bocce. I received a telephone call at 4 from Don. The bocce courts were flooded. How, I asked. He said from the rain. What rain? Don said it had rained heavy off and on all afternoon. It never rained in Key Haven where I live.

So our major match against Larry Smith’s team will have to be rescheduled.

It is not uncommon here in the keys for it to rain on one key and not another close by. Key West and Key Haven are only three islands apart. The space between about 2.5 miles. It amazes me.

Again, watch my intenrnet show if you can.

I feel a Porky Pig moment….That’s all folks!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. "Beloved Harry Truman"?

    That fellow that dropped the bomb on those Japanese cities? Perhaps unnecessarily? That Harry Truman?

    He's pretty high up on my list of worst Presidents ever.

    You may wish to consider that in your praise?

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