Yesterday morning golf!

A terrific time!

I played with the big guys. Don, Kurt, Larry and Nate. All shot in the 80s.

Louis shot 110.

However…..because of all the various side games played, Kurt and I won. Amazing! We each won $5.
Turned out not to be a financial bargain however. The winner(s) buy the drinks. I was in a generous mood. Told Kurt I would pick up the tab. $35!

Some days it does not pay to win!

I would be remiss if I failed to gloat over my play on 18. Good play by me is rare. 18 is a long par 5. Water on the left and woods on the right all the way down. The entrance to the green closes dramatically. Plus, sand traps to the right.

Normally I end up in the water near the green.

I was 160 yards out. I hit the finest golf shot of my life. High and straight. Landed 20 feet short of an uphill green. It was a Wow! shot. Got me applause from the  big guys. I then putted from the fairway up to the green and pin. To the hole was 30 feet. I hit the pin and bounced off to about a foot from the hole.

An excellent finish! Maybe that is why I was so generous in offering to buy the drinks.

It was Don’s Place last night. The conversation? What else. Bocce.

Tonight, we play. Second game of the new season. We won all three games last week. We still are on a high.

We play Larry Smith’s team. A blood match. Larry’s team ended up 2nd in league standings last season. We were close behind in 3rd. Additionally, four of the teams have a league within the league. We play each other for a big free party at the end of the season. Larry’s team and ours are part of that four way group. So tonight is a money game! The losing team contributes $150 towards the party. The winning team nothing.

I chatted bocce with Don, Jimmy, Boomer and Joanie. The lovely PD was sitting nearby.

Don introduced me to Yulena. A wow! As attractive as my shot on 18. She sat next to me.

It poured while I was at Don’s Place. Like a hurricane. Heavy rain and wind. I checked Facebook this morning. Jean Thornton had a photo of the corner of Duval and Green Streets. Sloppy Joe’s corner. Flooded. That end of Key West is a low area. The sewers are not adequate to take a heavy rain. On one occasion, I saw people swimming in a nearby intersection.

Tomorrow’s internet show The Key West Lou Legal Hour is developing well. Included topic wise will be some comment on the many CEO’s of major corporations whose pay is greater than what their companies pay in taxes. In most instances, the major coprporations pay no taxes.

Which…..proves the point that our tax system is out of whack and needs replacing. Too many loopholes. I say throw the whole thing out and go to a flat tax.

Another item to be discussed is the proposed law in California to require minimum wage to be paid adult babysitters. That does not bother me. Most babysitters are well paid. Much more per hour than minimum wage. Lisa is always telling me it is not the cost of an evening out for her and Corey, it is the babysitting tab. She says they have spent $60 before they even walk out the door! $20 an hour appears to be the going rate in Key West. Some work for $15 per hour. None are adults.

What does bother me about the proposed law, which will bother you also, is that the parents must provide a substitute caregiver every two hours to cover rest and meal beaks, the sitters are to be covered by workers compensation and receive overtime pay. The pay is to be determined by a “meticulously” calculated time card or pay check.

It has already passed the Assembly. It is before the Senate for consideration.

An example of something carried too far!

Join me tomorrow for my internet show which is available world wide. 10 am my time. You will enjoy!

I have to hustle. An early morning appointment with my doctor. Internist this time. Monday was the heart doctor, tuesday the dentist and today the internist. It seems to be a pattern in my senior years. I hate it!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. The correct corporate tax rate is ZERO! Corporations don't pay taxes; only real human beings pay taxes. A corporation is a fiction. All it does it pass along its costs in its products and services. For real people to pay. The Gooferment loves this because it hides taxation. Buy a can of beans. How much tax did you pay hidden in that can? Don't forget the gasoline tax to deliver those cans. You'll never be able to figure it out and that's exactly the point. If the corporation can't cover its costs, it goes out of business. It's a joke.

    If people knew the true cost of Gooferment, it'd be the French Revolution all over again.

    Minimum wage laws are dumb. If you and I agree on a wage, what right does the Gooferment have to tell us we can't? It ensures that we have unemployment. When is "nothing" better than "something"? When the Gooferment can "give" welfare under the guise of "helping". Argh! To preempt the argument of "living wage", don't we have the "earned income tax credit"? Argh!

    Mininum wage is a tax on business which gets passed along in higher prices. Argh!

    And, don't forget inflation. The cruelest tax on people. Especially the poor, those on fixed incomes. Your wealth is stolen silently. And, don't tell me there's no inflation. Like 9% unemployment, zero inflation is a cruel Gooferment joke. Save your cereal boxes, write the price paid on the box, compare a few boxes. Watch the contents go down as the price goes up. Then tell me there's no inflation.

    Liberals are so naive.

  2. Got to have inflation Jasper so that we can pay the CEOs their millions and scrape it up from the "trailer trash" tuned to Nascar ot the NFL or MLB or you name the "circuses".

    Ceasar learned it many centuries ago and corporate Amerika figured it out pretty quickly. It is a slow steady standard of living crash and the frogs in the boil have no clue. Funny how we always find endless fiat funds to pay for endless wars and support SAIC, CACI, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrup-Grumman and, of course, Haliburton, etc. Priorities, after all, come before starving stupid folk. Thank God for the TV!

    And don't get me wrong, yes, I get it, we are out for ourselves in naked capitalism. Prosperity Christianity aside (where the Hell did Jesus ever say that stuff)? So plan well as one day the bell tolls for thee my friends.

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