We won all three bocce games last night. The way to start the new bocce season.

The first game was close. We won by one point, 16-15. The next two were no contest. We decimated our opponents.

Everyone played well. Each team member made a contribution.

We have two new ladies on the team. Lori and Kathy. Outstanding! Both very good. We acquired them by accident just last night. They were to have been traded to Larry Smith’s team. Somehow he apparentlly was not aware. There was confusion. Don settled the problem in his usual swift fashion. He took them on our team!

All to our team’s benefit. They both rolled well. This Kathy is a killer. I thought she was new to the game. Till she rolled. Wow! She has 17 years experience.

I thought the ladies carried us last night. Michelle, Erika and Lori were terrific, also.

I was at the dentist’s office first thing yesterday morning. A few adjustments were made. Bingo, the pain was gone!

Thank God!

The Key West Lou Legal Hour this morning. Ten sharp my time. On the internet world wide. http://www.konkbroadcasting.com/. Join me for what I assure  you will be an interesting and thought provoking show. From things you may not know about our present Congress, to protests in the streets, to a very basic example of what the economy drives people to do, to the weather, to a funeral parlor losing a body, and more.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Congrats on the bocce wins! My husband just said to me the other day that we need to set up a bocce court in our yard to start practicing for when we move to the Keys — which is a few years away yet, but it never hurts to get some practice in, right?

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