The most talked about woman in the U.S. today is Irene! On all the TV channels. Part of everyone’s conversation.

North Carolina did not do too bad so far. Wind and rain. Little property damage. No lost lives reported.

Key Westers have learned that the real problem in some instances comes after the wind and rain has passed. The water surge! Sort of a tsunami.

A few years back Wilma hit Key West. I recall Larry Smith telling me that he and Christine were sitting in their living room and saying in effect…..We missed another one! The french doors to their back yard and pool were open. All of a sudden the water came trickling in. Then more and more.

Wilma produced a surge off the ocean several hours after the hurricane actually had passed. Measured 6.5 feet. Larry and Christine’s home suffered serious damage. So, too, did my daughter Lisa’s home. Six and a half feet of water also. They had just moved in three months before after completing a major and expensive renovation. It would be a year before Lisa and her family could live in the house again.

TV keeps warning of post hurricane surges. Such could be the worst part of Irene.

Let me share with you some of the more prominent off the wall comments regarding Irene and the recent earthquake in the northeast.

Pat Robertson, the world famouus evangelist and host of the religious 700 Club on TV, referred to the earthquake this past week as God’s revenge on gay people. It was a warning. The worst was yet to come unless society straightened themselves out on the issue.

Then there is that governmental official of recent prominence. A man who is getting his fifteen minutes of fame. Eric Cantor. Cantor is Majority Leader of the House of Representatives. The congessional district from which he is elected is in Virginia.

Following  the earthquake (which did some damage in his district) and as a precursor to Irene which was projected to pass over Virginia, Cantor made a public statement to the effect that there was money in Washington to cover such disasters. He would make sure his constituents received what they were entitled to.

An openly generous statement from one of our political leaders who wants to destroy or minimize Medicare and Social Security, who refuses to tax the rich more than they are presently taxed,  and who lead the tea party fight in the recent debt ceiling debacle. But these were his people in Virgina. He was responding to their needs in typical political fashion. His principles out the window.

They were not. Several hours later, Cantor’s office issued a statement that any emergency relief would of course require a reduction to the national debt in equal amount. An impossible dilemma. Emergencies require immediate assistance. Cost is not of concern. Debt reduction requires Congressional action. That comes later. Imagine the Congressional debate on the issue of debt reduction on an emergency spending issue.

The guy’s a creep.

Glenn Beck is back in the news. He has been in Israel speaking this past week. I find this unusual in itself since when he was on FOX he appeared to be anti-semetic. Beck said on his radio show yesterday that Irene was a blessing. It would teach people to be prepared for disasters. That Irene would prove a valuable lesson for those who have not heeded his warnings.

His warnings ???

Beck is off the wall. He has some sort of Messianic complex. I think he thinks he sits at the right hand of God.

The best, and probably most accurate comment, was made by Gweko Wild Phlocker on Facebook this morning. I do not know Phlocker, though we are Facebook friends. He is probably one of the people like you and me.

Phlocker said in effect that in spite of those against a public work stimulus to create jobs, that Irene might very well accomplish such a result. Irene would require huge public works to correct the damage done. Such would in and of itself create jobs.

Irene, to significant damage, to public monies for recovery, to jobs. A brilliant observation. Probably  very true. And Phlocker’s wisdom did not require God in the mix.

Sorry for the length of my dissertation. Sometimes I get a hair up my butt and need to express myself.

Which leaves little time for me to tell you about the terrific internet show I had yesterday, how the Chinese Apple store topic received the most comment, the luncheon with my friday group that was very stimulating, my manicure by Tammy, the Chart Room last night with Emily, Captain Peter, Sean and Sheila, that it was Sheila’s second night out without a wheel chair, she now relies on a cane, that Sean was alone, Katherine was on a girl’s night out, that Sean and I had an enjoyable dinner together at Hot Tin Roof, that John was his usual professional self, that my jaw started hurting like hell again during the day, and that I found gin an excellent pain killer.

There is no room for any of these remarks!

Enjoy your day!  

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  1. Perhaps, those that consider Irene as a blessing because of all the repair work that needs to be done. Should take an "ekkymonics" class and learn what our old friend Bastiat had to say about windows.

    "The broken window fallacy" — Frédéric Bastiat Ce qu'on voit et ce qu'on ne voit pas (That Which Is Seen and That Which Is Unseen) 1850

    Argh! When supposedly "smart" people repeat this nonsense … …

  2. Thank KW Lou, For putting me up there with Glen Beck, and Reverend Jerry…. My point was that this to the conspiracy theorists is a government plot – we saw the HARPP involved with the Earthquake in Haiti, and the Tsunami in Japan – ANY Time a Hurricane is involved we see the Publix, and Home Depot commercials flying heavy on the weather channel! I have Endured MANY Hurricanes since growing up in Miami, including Andrew, and Wilma (with the Flood) here in Key West. Never underestimate a Hurricane, or our government. -REVEREND GWEKO

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