My best friend is back! The blender!

I had a dentist visit yesterday. Thought I was on the down side, close to the end of the process. Close I am, but not with out pain. Big time pain again! And what a headache!

Forget chewing!

I am back to the dentist at 8:30 this morning. I called last night and made the appointment. Need some pain relief.

The weather this morning is surprising. When I opened the sliding doors in the kitchen leading to the water, heavy humidity hit me. Very heavy. Unusual. The water is moving fast. Wind a bit strong coming in from the Atlantic.

In my amateurish fashion, I attribute it to Irene. Irene is not even close to us fortunately. But its effects are being felt here in the keys.

I feel sorry for those living in the Carolinas and north. Irene is now a 3. May go to a 4. Could be devistating. I hope people are getting out! There is still a two day window to leave. Two days is the time frame within which to make the decision as whether to run or stay. The time is now for such decision making.

No way was I going out yesterday after my dentist visit. It was bang your head against the wall time! I stayed in all day. Got the blender out of the cabinet. Finished up Friday’s internet show.

Big night tonight! The start of a new bocce season. No matter how much I hurt, I will be there! And…..with an excuse to drink!

My team is excited. Two seasons ago, we were last in league standings. Last season, we came in third. Even made the playoffs. There is an air of confidence about us at the moment. We believe we can be as good or better than last season.

Watch, we’ll lose all three games tonight! Don will deficate all over me for even having such a thought. I can hear him already.

It is rare that I have my Friday internet show ready early. It is a good one this week. But then, every week is good! Not because of me. Because of the crazy world we live in. Life’s reality provides the fodder for my show material.

I am opening with some interesting tidbits about Congress during this August. Items that further prove these guys are not with it. Then some political thoughts about the uprisings worldwide. Followed by Google paying the government $500 million for permittiing Canadian drug advertising, a funeral home that lost a dead body. Interesting is a segment about earthquakes with a touch of Hemingway, For Whom the Bell Tolls, sex on a mountainsude in Spain and Carol King’s “I Feel the Earth Move.”

There is more. A malpractice case presently on trial where it is claimed the doctor cut off part of a man’s penis improperly, the end of the Strauss-Kahn case, a ferry boat captain who was stuck in the toilet causing his boat to go aground, fake Apple stores in China, and more.

Join me. Friday morning at 10 my time. World wide on the internet.

The thought running through mind…..Pain, pain, go away…..little Louis wants to play! I do not have visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. Rather they are of laying down, having a funnel placed in my mouth and gin poured into me! I need a good pain killer!

Enjoy your day!

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