The big band is playing in the sky! Thunder and lightning galore!

It started last night around 10. Continued all night. Big time noise! Lightning shooting through the windows.

Still rumbling and flashing this morning. The sky is clearing, however. The black clouds and noise are moving south over the ocean. A blue sky is moving in from the north.

Irene is less of a concern, though it is now a 2 and projected to be a 3 when it hits the U.S. The cone indicates Irene’s projected path will turn northeast and come ashore, if at all, around Miami or further north. Key West will suffer some increased rain and winds.

The last couple of years, the hurricanes have been making that northeast turn. It has to do with everything. Wind from the north, how the hurricane bounces off the mountains of Cuba, etc. May the hurricanes continue making the turn.

That is not to say we are absolutely out of harm’s way. As I wrote yesterday, hurricanes are fickle. Two hundred mile path deviations are not uncommon. You never know when one will turn from the projected path. Right now Irene is projected hit around or north of Miami. Miami is only 145 miles from Key West.

A weather man I have become! Not a very good one. But one, nevertheless. I like the word nevertheless. It is all one word. I used it often in my legal paper work.

Ally and Robert loved their first day back to school. Especially, Ally. She telephoned me at 3:30 when she returned home. All excited!

This school year has added a new dimension to Lisa’s mothering. Previously, she was employed off home, so to speak. So was Corey. Robert and Ally stayed at Montessori for some sort of play class till 5. Now Lisa is working from home with her businesses. Montessori is only two blocks away. Lisa walks Robert and Ally to school in the morning and walks them home in the afternoon at 3:30.

She loves it!

I had a quiet dinner alone last night. The bar at Hogfish. Very few people. Enjoyed a hogfish sandwich naturally!

I beat the thunder and lightning home. The storm waited till I was settled down in bed before it began.

Oh…..I walked! In the house again. Better than nothing.

Enjoy your day!

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