Good morning!

Still dark outside. I promise to press the correct keys this morning when I publish this blog. Yesterday was a disaster. Took me seven hours to find my lost blog so I could repost it correctly. The sadness of it all was that I wrote the blog at 4:30 in the morning. Its proper publication would have surprised and pleased those who enjoy reading it earlier than later.

Remember Megan Barnes? She was the lady in March 2010 who was driving down US 1 shaving her privates when she had an accident. She was on the way to a date. Her ex husband was a passanger and steering for her when the accident occurred. The incident received world wide attention.

I wrote about Megan Barnes at the time. Everyone in the keys talked about her.

Megan became lost some where back in my mind till yesterday. I was reading USA TODAY. Its Books section was devoted to Celia Rivenbark and her newest book, You Don’t Sweat Much for a Fat Girl. Celia responded in answer to a question as to whether she had ever written something that went viral. She said, yes. “Driving While Shaving.” She devoted a newspaper column to it back in March 2010. Celia claims it was her “…hugest hit.” She described the shaving incident as Megan “…grooming her hoohah.”

Celia has included a version of the shaving incident in her new book.

Good show, Celia! The incident was the talk of Key West for many days after its happening.

Jean and Valerie did it again! They went diving yesterday with the Mel Fisher group looking for gold and jewels. Jean is popularly known as the Golden Girl. She did discover gold years ago in a Mel Fisher dive. And has again on later dives.

Not yesterday, however. No gold nor other artifacts were found. Jean aptly described yesrterday’s dive on Facebook this morning: “Valerie and I faced treacherous seas and cheated death yet again.”

Thank God! Love you, Jean!

I had an early morning dental appointment. We are getting there! Soon I am going to have teeth like Howard Livingston!

Visited with Lisa a bit. Then home to bed for a few hours. I had not slept the night before.

I wanted a quiet evening. I opted for dinner at Outbacks. Needed to get out after staying in most of the day. Bought the USA TODAY to read at the bar. That is how I came across the review of Celia Rivenbark’s new book.

Outbacks was crowded. Too crowded. I was lucky to get a seat at the bar. The last one. On a corner.

Three people were seated around the corner next to me. A woman and two men. 50 ish. They were loud. Spoke like know it all big shots. Mentioned things even my ears were not comfortable hearing. The woman ate. It appeared the men did not. The three drank. One man was billed separately for his drinks. Not too many. Perhaps a couple of beers and a shot.

When his bill came, he was obviously upset for some reason and went over it while mumbling with a fine tooth comb. Took a pen out and computed it.

And then paid.

Some big shot, I thought.

I ran into a couple at Outbacks I have not seen in at least 5 years. I am ashamed to say I did not recall their names. Though they knew mine. He is a retired contractor from New York. We used to run into each other often at Square One.

Fourteen years ago when I purchased and remodeled my Key West home, this couple bought a dilapidated small house just off Duval. They remodeled it brilliantly! One would expect nothing less. The husband built skyscrapers in New York City. He certainly could build a home in Key West.

The home was Roman in design. Pillars and all. Fountains. And the marble! The finest from Italy! The entire residence a work of beauty.

Today is Friday. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am my time. Join me. I will be commenting a bit on our President, a new Missouri law and Facebook, Rick Perry’s position on Social Security, circumsicion, Viagara, sex in the sky, Hitler and dogs, a dog that can do math, demonstrations in Europe, and more.

As Porky Pig of old was wont to say…..”That’s all folks!”

Enjoy your Friday!

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