It is 4:30 in the morning.

I tossed and turned all night. Could not sleep. So out of bed I am and writing away.

One of the problems is Comcast. I sleep with the TV on in my bedroom. No TV last night all night. Comcast says it’s sorry. They are fixing something.

No sleep last night, no golf yesterday. I am doing good! I felt sort of off in the morning so skipped my weekly round.

Wrote all day. My Friday show The Key West Lou Legal Hour is ready one day early this week. So some good came out of the day.

Watch me on the internet Friday morning at 10 am my time. The show is beamed world wide on the internet.

I have a lot of interesting things to share this Friday. Like Missouri and its new Facebook law, Rick Perry and Social Security (Perry ain’t no friend), circumsicion, Viagara and competition, flying the friendly skies, a dead man who woke up 24 hours later in a morgue refrigerator, banks denying customers the right to sue, a Chinese mother and government ordered sterilization, North Carolina’s sterilization shame, and more.

I felt better later in the afternoon.

Visited with Lisa and the grandkids. I was at Lisa’s when Robert and Ally came home from summer camp. A joy these two!

After hugs and kisses, Robert threw himself on the couch to rest. Typical of him. Ally headed for her mother’s room to watch TV. Typical of her.

Ally starts school next week. First grade. She will have home work. A new experience. It is going to interfere with her TV watching. I am curious how she will handle it.

Then to Don’s Place. Don is back! Welcome home! He has been on vacation for a month up north at his camp on a lake.

The plan was to meet Kurt for dinner. Don subsequnetly joined us. I chatted with Don, Kurt, Herschel, Boomer, Lori, Skip, Angus and others before heading out to eat.

Like three musketeers, Don, Kurt and I headed out to dinner. Sweet Tea was the place. We had huge meals for about $10 a piece. Good value place! I had turkey with all the fixings. Loved it! Especially the gravy!

I also had a side of macaroni and cheese. Don’t ask why. I was just in the mood for it. Satisfying it was!

Ran into Sean and Katherine at Sweet Tea. We chatted a bit. Terrific couple! Sean recently did a story for his news paper about Cameron’s trip to Mongolia.

Dentist again this morning. When will it end? I started this process January 7th. It was to take 4 months. We are now into month seven. I am not complaining. I am well beyond the pain portion now.

The new blood pressure medication seems to be working. The numbers are coming down the past two days. Not where they should be yet. But I am encouraged.

Hope the TV is working. I want to watch Morning Joe.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hey Lou
    update on some good activity in and around Utica this weekend.
    Feast of St. Rosila Fri,Sat & Sunday. Once a great event now limited to two tents between caterine St and Jay St. Atleast the pizza frita is still the best around ( same group that makes it for St, Mary of Mount Carmel) I'll be getting a dozen. A good friend of mine Tom Acey put together an event which got all the old bands or portions of them together to play on Saturday night at the beach, old DeCatros now called Phols. Sure you remember Carmen Carmonica, Andy and the Classics and many more. I'll be there. Thought you would like to knoe because you always mention the old times up here.
    Take care

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