The friends I have made because of Key west and this blog!

I heard from two this morning via email. Both I would describe as very close and dear friends.

The first is Cindy. Iowa Cindy. Annual visitor to Key West with her husband Tom. Cindy is my cancer survivor friend. Something like 7 surgeries for 5 different cancers. One leg and one breast short, she continues to enjoy life to the fullest.

Cindy wrote of President Obama’s mobile visit through parts of Iowa yesterday.

Cindy was excited. The President had breakfast at Rauch’s Cafe in Guttenberg. Cindy and Tom breakfast there Saturday mornings.

Cindy shared her first hand observations of the parts of Obama’s trek which she saw. She said there were lots of protestors on the route. She added that the Iowa news stations were surprisingly biiting towards him. She noted that the news stations are usually neutral and non political…..gushing and smiling in their reports.

Cindy provided me with a newspaper report and a video of a TV news report.
TV described Obama’s trip as an economic tour, not political in nature. The broadcaster futher stated it was “exciting” that the President was there.

The newspaper story stated the Presient had spent the night at historic Hotel Winneshiek in Decorah, that he was having breakfast later with five local businmessmen in Guttenberg, that as the President’s cavalcade moved along people were waving and holding signs. Others were cheering and waving flags. A few held signs opposing abortion.

It appears the President’s Iowa visit held interest for Iowans. Whether you like Obama, whether you agree with him, it still had to be a big day. The President was in town!

My second friend to already write me this morning was Rita from Calitzdorp, South Africa. She sent me pictures. She was wearing a Key West Lou tee shirt!

Go Rita!

Lots of feed back re the old seven mile bridge. Some have it open, others closed. One message said it was closed and that Pigeon Key could only be reached by ferry now. I am still not sure as to the status of the old bridge.

Got a manicure yesterday. From Tammy, of course. What a nice person! She and her husband continue to bust their behinds in their business. They remind me of the immigrants of old. My family were such. Tammy and her husband will achieve the American dream! For them, it will still exist. They work hard seven days a week clipping nails from 10 in the morning to late in the evening. They save their money. They are presently looking to buy a home.

Lunch was at the Southernmost Beach Cafe. A terrific view and excellent food.

I spent the afternoon writing. Outside under the table umbrella. The umbrella is wide enough that the few times it sprinkled a bit, I was protected and did not have to move.

Visited the Chart Room last night. JJ bartending.

Jean Thornton was there. It was good to see her. We do not see each other enough. She is special. I enjoyed our conversation. I invited her to dinner, but she was already committed to Captain Frankie for whom she was waiting.

I ate at the bar at La Trarttoria. Not too many customers. Chatted a bit with Erin.

Then home to bed.

Today is Wednesday. Golf day. I have decided not to play. I don’t feel right this morning.

I left a message on Larry Smith’s cell phone just before 8 advising him I would not be playing. He probably will not see it. I expect a call from him in about a half hour asking where I am, don’t I know this is Wednesday, we are supposed to be playing golf, etc.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I am no fan of this president by any stretch. But when a president visits any town or city it is a colossal event. Feel better, play golf tomorrow.

  2. Lou, between you and Facebook, no one on this island we know can make an undetected move! Keeps me on the straight-and-narrow, for sure! 😉

  3. Our President and his bus tour.. Who do you think paid for those $1,100,000.00[each] buses.. And he then tries to compare himself to President's Lincoln and Reagan.. LOL.. Patrick

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