I was a good boy yesterday morning. I walked!

Home Depot. Where else.

Then to Walgreens. Needed a prescription filled. It is amazing how many pills you are required to take as you get older. These pharmaceutical companies are getting rich! Sadly. The bill to seniors is too much, regardless of insurance. I have just discovered the donut in my private drug policy. It is enough to drive one to drugs! Drinking is passe.

Then to Hasrpoon Harrys for Sunday brunch.

The place was packed. No room at the bar. I took a small table. Grabbed some Sunday newspapers before sitting down. I spent two hours picking at an omelette and reading.

I planned to go to the beach afterwards. I have a golfer’s tan. My body is white.

I keep a sand chair and beach towel in the trunk at all times. I am what is known as “beach ready.”

I decided on Higgs Beach. My luncheon Friday had turned me on to the place.

It was a wonder! Bikini’s everywhere! Age had no bearing!

I looked for a while. Then fell asleep for an hour.

That was enough beach for me.

The balance of the afternoon was spent at home watching golf on TV. Tiger did not distinguish himself. He was no different than before. His former caddy did, however. Steve Williams carried for Scott who won. Williams also had some unkind inferences regarding Woods when he was interviewed after the tournament. His ill feelings run deep.

Last night was Hogfish. The place was quiet. I sat at the bar, picked at a piece of snapper, and read the local weekly papers.

This morning is lovely. It will rain a bit off and on. Nothing to spoil the day. It is that time of the year.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. We own a small restaurant and your comment about Harpoon Harry's being packed and you taking a table for two hours while "picking at an omlette" made me cringe.

    We have people "camping out" at tables for far too long that could be turned and used to serve people that are waiting.

    Just some perspective from an angle you may not have considered.

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