Mary Jo Da Silva has left us. She passed on yesterday morning.

God is having His hands full with her! She will rearrange Heaven a bit and keep Him jumping!

Mary Jo and I met when we both were relatively new to Key West. I cannot recall where we met. But a bond developed between us.

As I think about it, a bond probably developed between Mary Jo and every one she met.

She loved to dance. La Te Da was one of her favorite places to hang out and dance. Especially at the Sunday tea dances.

Mary Jo was special. She was of Portugese extraction. And let you know it!

She fought cancer for 5 years. Never complained. She was supposed to have died 4 years ago. A “last” brthday party was thrown for her at La Te Da. The whole world was there to honor her…..and say good bye.

She fooled all of us.

A Key West icon has left the fold.

It finally rained properly yesterday. We needed it. The rain poured straight down for about one half hour. No wind, no side blowing rain, no monsoon type rain. Just an ordinary rain storm.

Emily petered out. Tourists were worried a week ago. The storm never even reached the shores of the United States. It did some damage to Haiti and brushed the Bahamas. Then it fell apart.

I dined at Outback last night. Alone at the bar.

Some wonder why I frequent Outback when there are so many good restaurants in Key West. For two reasons. The first has to do with my appearance. Sometimes I do not shave for a week at a time. Last night I had a five day beard. Although Key west is casual, I feel I would be insulting owners and guests if I joined them in such a scrungy state. The other reason is that Outback is near my home. A quick drive.

I enjoyed a rib eye last night. Medium rare. Delicious.

It is wonderful to be able to chew again!

Today looks to be busy.

The dentist first. I am close to being done with my jaw and teeth. Not quite yet, however. Then a haircut. Love visiting Lori! Plus other things to do.

Enjoy your day!

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