The Washington debacle of the past month has left us in a bad way. How bad remains to be seen. I fear the worst is yet come.

Our government is dysfunctional. More need not be said. The obvious speaks for itself. However, I would like to share quotes from three American figures of note regarding elected officials. Two of the speakers are for real, one fictional.

Harry Truman…..”My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politicain. And to the truth, there is hardly any difference.”

Will Rogers…..”The world is full of politicians, but very few statemen.”

Forrest Gump…..”Stupid is as stupid does.”

The major and only event of yesterday was a manicure. With Tammy, of course. Fortunately, I had an appointment. There were two groups of  happy giddy women getting manicures and pedicures for weddings later in the day. Standing room only for the waiting!

Lisa and Corey visited in the afternoon. Swam in the pool. We chatted. I continue to be impressed with Lisa’s progress in her new business. Social media marketing. She is at the cutting edge of where marketing is today. Smart businesses need her. There are few having her talent and knowledge in the media
marketing area.

My Father telephoned at one point from Utica. He wanted to know how I was and how bad the rains were. What rains, I asked. He said he was watching the news and the report was tropical storm Emily was bombarding Key West with heavy rains and wind.

The sun was shining, nary a cloud in the sky and the temperature 92 degrees.

This frequently happens. The national media often misrepresent/magnify weather conditions here in the keys. I recall a hurricane that had been threatening us. One of the national TV channels was parked on Duval near La Concha. The TV announcer looked down Duval toward the Gulf and announced that in 6 hours there would be 4-6 feet of water running down Duval towards his position. It never happened. It did not even rain.

I spent the other parts of my day and evening writing. It is amazing how in my old age I enjoy remembering and composing from my experiences.

Today is Sunday. Love Sundays! I have two minuites before Meet the Press.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. Have a great day louis. I totally agree with you about our government and what is going on in Washington. Never thought I would be seeing the many problems our nation is going through. WE need to get rid of the dead wood and bring in people that know what to do and how to get it right. People voted for Obama they wanted change well they got their change..

  2. Lou

    How is your father? Word has it in and around your home town that your son and daughter (laurie) left him in a very bad way in the midst of their legal problems with the practice.

    I can only hope that this isn't true.

    Hope you continue to be well.


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