Another great morning! God is good!

Yesterday started with my internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

It was wild! Not the content. The location and operation of the show itself. Murphy’s law. Everything that could screw up, did screw up.

KONK has moved its studios. Now at the end of Applerouth Lane. The Whitehead end. Yesterday was my first day in the new studio. It is in the moving in status. The set up still a work in progress.

I do not know if the air conditioning was working. The broadcasting studio itself was small. The window open and an over head fan going.

The view from the window was an accurate protrayal of Key West. A touch of Whitehead and the Courthouse. An appropriate setting for a legal talk show. In addition, people were waving as they walked by.

Wires hanging all over the place. Could be seen on screen. The machinery before me was set up a bit diffrently. You cannot see the machinery. I can. It is there for me. But my mind was not readily adapting to its new location.

I screwed up major time. Talked through the first three commercial breaks! A no no.

On top of it all, some people in certain locations could only see me, not hear me. Cindy in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Rita in Calitzdorp, South Africa.

Bottom line…..the content was good, the presentation left something to be desired.

Post show comments suggest two topics stimulated viewers the most. I thought it would have been Washington. Or maybe China’s credit rating. Instead, it turned out to be Donna and Terri’s remarriage and free birth control for women.

Needless to say, I have a huge female following!

Lunch was at Salute with the friday discussion group. A multitude of sins were discussed. I am still new to the group. Interesting people. Interesting minds.

We sat outside at Salute’s. Next to the beach. I could see all the prettiy ladies walking about. I arrived at an interesting conclusion. Most of the women, regardless of age or body shape, were wearing bikinis. One piece bathing suits were not to be seen. Our table of men took note.

I stopped by Lisa’s for a while. She was working hard. Her new business, The Social Suite, which provides internet marketing and consulting services, is going well. She is busy busy!

The grandkids are away. Visiting with Corey’s parents in north Florida. I miss them. Lisa misses them more.

I was Tom and Karen Dixson’s guest for dinner last night at La Trattoria. It was one of the finest dinner experiences I have had in a long time. These are two wonderful people. It was a most enjoyable time.

Tom and Karen are from Buffalo. Tom is one of the owners of the Ocean Key House. I look forward to their next visit and spending time with them again.

Lest I forget, it was great seeing Becha. She has not been working my past few visits. Her hug and kiss always makes my day.

I have to move on. A manicure this morning with Tammy.

It’s a tough life!

Enjoy your day!

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