The world is crumbling around us. I fear for life as we knew it. It may be a long time before it returns, if ever.

A sad start to today’s blog. But negativism is all around us. It is how I feel at the moment.

Today is friday! Friday means the Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten this morning on the internet worldwide. Join me for some interesting observations.

The show starts with a little Will Rogers and Harry Truman. A lead into Washington today. Then the proposed deep water channel in Key West, Donna and Terri’s remarriage, New York gay marriage opponents, free birth control for women, and more.

I finalized today’s show yesterday. Then refined it with Jenna. My guru.

Donna emailed me. Terri and the Follies show are in a state of refinement. Twelve hours a day for the September 12 New York opening. Dress rehearsal previews begin in about two weeks.

I find it interesting that a show that has already had a one month success at the Kennedy Center in Washington requires more work. Terri told me once that is how show business is. No matter how good, you always work to make it better.

Borders is closing. We all know. Sad.

Borders became my library in Key West. I was almost a daily visitor. It was peaceful and calm. I enjoyed sitting in those little black chairs and reading.

I am one of those who contributed to Borders’ demise.

I rarely bought a book. I sat in Borders and read them for free. Every two or three months, I would purchase a book. One for me to take on a trip or some reading for the grandkids. Also, I occasionally needed a beach book. A book is easier to read at the beach than a newspaper.

I really put the nail in the coffin six months ago when I purchased an Amazon Kindle. That was the end of Borders for me.

Many years ago my Congressman up north said of our local airport: Use it or lose it. We lost it. The same with Borders. We failed to use it.

Catch my internet show at 10!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. " The world is crumbling around us." I'm not so sure about that.. Our country certainly is crumbling, as well as many others.. But, take a good look at China. That country has the best space program in the world, its drilling like crazy off the coast of South America, and their military is becoming bigger and better than ours[ take a look at their new aircraft carriers]. With the amount of money we owe them, all added together, I'm afraid of our future.. I'm not worried about speaking spanish, we'll need to learn Chinese.. Patrick

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