The highlight of my day on a wednesday is playing golf. Not yesterday. It was Sam Durso. A friend from the past.

Sam found me via my Amazon Kindle legal blog. From there he was he was able to trace me back to this blog.

I have not seen Sam in more than 30 years. We are close in age. He is 74. We were lawyers together a long time ago in Utica.

Sam’s best friend at the time was Bob Lutz. Both fine trial lawyers. Both bachelors. Both married later in life than most. They enjoyed their bachelor years!

Sam and Bob owned a boat. Summers they kept it in Alexandria Bay. St. Lawrence River country. It was the party boat from Heaven!

We old married folk were never invited nor were we permitted on it.

Sam and Bob use to play on the boat on weekends. They would come into court on Monday mornings with huge grins on their faces. We all hated them!

Sam early on tired of the actual practise of law. He obtained an appointment as a federal Administrative Law Judge in the San Francisco area.

That was 30 plus years ago. And also the last time I saw Sam or had any communication with him. Until this week.

Sam is now living in San Diego. Five minutes from the beach. He refers to himself as a San Diego beach bum. Good for him! He was divorced many years ago. Has a Japanese girl friend with whom he lives. He says it is working well. He cooks, she does the dishes.

The girl friend is very lovely. He sent me her picture. 

It is good to be reacquainted!  Sam, lets not lose each other for another thirty years.

It is amazing how every few weeks this blog will reunite me with a person from my past. Generally, my distant past. I enjoy being hooked up again. I consider myself lucky that it is happening.

Now to golf.

It was good. I played with Kurt and Rob. Both of them are at least 40 strokes better than me. No way I can even compete with them. I would need at least 3 strokes a hole and that is just not in the cards! It was decided even I could not afford the beating I would receive at their hands. So Kurt and Rob played each other. I merely participated in one of the side betting games.

These guys battled toe to toe. Especially on the back nine. It all came down to the last hole for them. A par 5. Each hit three great first shots. They were in 3 where I would have been in 6. Rob won the hole. It was great golf to watch!

I did not come out badly. Lost $1 to each of them.

The humidity was heavy. Needed 2 extra clubs to accomodate for it. All three of us were sweating profusely. I went home and to bed immediately. It took me about three hours to reenergize. I did not even go out last night. Cooked a steak and watched TV.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour tomorrow morning. 10 am Florida time. On the internet at Watch and listen, if you can. The show is streamed world wide.

Some interesting topics. I will be kicking butt with regard to what has gone on in Washington this past week. Plus…..cell phones for the poor, banks barring customers from their day in court, China’s credit rating, buy only American, free birth control pills for women, North Carolina and sterilization, nudity to attract attention, and more.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Have a great day today Louis and stay well. I can't believe your cooking for yourself wow you have come a long way. You sound like you really like living alone do you? Check in tomorrow am also an old friend from way back in the 80's nice be able to read your blog everyday.. Take care and listen to your Doctor..

  2. On before of all the St.Lawrence River Rats, including those aforementioned, Jack Tierney hereby interposes a general denial.

    P.S. Your name has been stricken from the roll of Henry Hudson's Sandy Point bullhead luncheon guests and without possibility of reverter. (-:

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