Another lovely day! Perfect! Calm and peaceful. Little breeze. Scattered clouds.

But…..the first hurricane of the season that might be a problem is on its way.


Emily is presently a tropical storm. Sometime today it will cross Puerto Rico. Then Emily’s projection is for the storm to take a sharp right and head north.

Emily has three projected paths. One to the west of Florida and up into the Gulf. One to the east of Florida and north up the Atlantic. The third directly over Florida and Key West.

Storms are fickle. You never know the precise direction till the last minute. And even then, the storm’s path can change quickly and dramatically.

It is anticipated Emily will reach the Florida keys Saturday morning. Winds are projected to be 70 mph. Still within he scope of a tropical storm. Not a hurricane.

There is another possibility. Emily may never reach us at all. It may peter out.

I have noted over my years in Key West, that the natives will start talking about the storm when it is still a few days out: Will it hit?…Oh, it’s nothing!…I never worry…Who cares…Are you leaving?…No, I’m staying…Where would I go?

The topic of conversation!

I wrote an interesting blog for Amazon Kikndle yesterday. Economy and The Law. Tried to show how a depressed economy affects the operation of the courts. Tax dollars support the courts. Interesting. San Francisco has recently announced it will close a portion of its Superior Courts on September 1. Budget problems. Going to lay of 200 staff and shut down 25 court rooms.

I stopped at Lisa’s later in the morning. Cameron was there.

I learned some new things regarding his Mongilian trip. He ate horse meat. Said it was good. Apparently a Mongolian staple. Cameron further said all the food was different and exciting to the taste.

Cameron makes mention on Facebook this morning that he is bored. The trip obviously turned him on. In one month, he experienced a whole new way of living. The other 16 years of his life are old hat. Mundane. Of course he is bored! It will not last, however.

I then stopped at Office Max. I needed some supplies. I have learned that this is one of the best times of the year to shop at Office Max. They have all kinds of sales for the kids returning to school. I try to take advantage of these sales. Like a ruler for 1 cent. Can’t beat that!

I was also looking over the printers. Need a new one. No terrific sales with the printers though. Obviously not a required item for school children.

I am getting tired of typing on the computer as I write. My fingers do not work as fast as my mind nor as accurately. I am looking into Dragon. I will speak and the Dragon program will print my words on the computer.

Any of you who have Dragon experience, write and let me know what you think, your experience, etc.

I then walked. Home Depot.

Then home to write a bit. Inside. Too hot outside.

Last night I headed over to Hogfish for dinner. Alone. Sat at the bar. Read some local papers. Chatted with the barmaid. A charming woman originally from England.

I am glad this Washington fiasco is finally being put to rest. A shame on our government. A shame on us for not having figured out how to correct the situation yet before they bury us. My suggestion. Vote them out! All of them! Invoke stringent term limits. One six year term for a Senator and 2 two year terms for a Representative. Then let them return home and work like the rest of us.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hi Lou,

    I tried Dragon with my legalese job but wasn't that impressed with it. Much faster with keyboarding.

    Agree with you on term limits for our Congressional leaders. Seems they inserted a comma after the word "lay" in the first sentence of Article 1, Section 8 of our Constitution.

    See ya at Judge Hudson's bullhead luncheon. (-: (-:

    Have a nice day!

    Off to the beach for my 3 mile walk.

    San Diego Beach Bum

  2. I'm surprised, I didn't think you were prejudiced.. You'd let a senator stay in office longer than a representative ??!! I'm shocked !! Patrick

  3. Hi Louis, I have to agree with you about the term limits. I'm so ashame of our government, certainly not working for the people. I can go on and on how I totally don't trust our government and they have no clue on how to run our country, they have made a mess of everything,. Have a great day today and everyday,

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